10 different types of traveller you will meet while travelling


Travelling for different people holds a different meaning. Some people might find travelling therapeutic, a need to get away, kick back and relax, while for others it might just be an obligatory means to an end (Read: business travel). Holidays, vacations, long breaks and weekends call for unhindered travelling. Although there are some people who do not need to validate their vacation. Different people have different preferences and priorities, and obviously, there are different types and categories of travellers one definitely crosses paths with, while travelling!

The Backpackers: They are the non-conventional travellers who do not go by the usual rules and indulge themselves in every opportunity available. They categorically travel light and cover huge distances with their backpacks full of bare necessities and minimal comforts. They are an adventurous and more impulsive bunch who are unafraid of trying new things and gain new experiences. They are not bound by anything and are viewed more as free spirits, and can be easily spotted by their backpacks!

The Solo/ Escapist Travellers: This category is almost similar to the backpackers except, they are people who decide to take off but intend to stay at the new destination for a long period of time. They plan to spend much time away from their home and are unconcerned about all else as long as they’re experiencing something entirely new like a new culture or a new language. Most are trying to escape from things back home or unable to deal with certain situations. Seeking new meaning to their life, putting all negativity behind them. They are usually a whole new person when they get back. They will often travel regardless of being solo. They enjoy their own company and are ready to set off even without a companion.

The Adventure Seekers: This category pertains to the true adrenaline junkies and daredevils. Those jumpers, stuntmen and bikers who are more into thrill and adventure than they are into travel. They are into extremes and do not play safe and almost always, are heavily into adventure sports from hiking and trekking to scuba and bungee! They search far and wide and seek out the highest, widest and tallest of places to conquer.

The Planners: They are the holidaymakers that can be typically found navigating around agreed upon work holiday schedules. This type of traveller is not too worried about the destination as long as it’s different from their routine. They are big planners and usually try to look for a resort in search of sun and sand or a European getaway at least twice a year for a long, generous holiday. All must-dos are catered to during their trip. They like sticking to well-known places and do touristy things. They are often seen trotting around with a city map or a tour guide.

The Practical Traveller: Business travellers are the typical members of this category. They see travel as a compulsory means to an end and not an aim/goal in itself. They may sometimes take the time out to take in the sights but on the whole, are characteristically either too consumed with their task/duty or too tired for anything else. They view these travel opportunities as a mere chore rather than a chance to relax and rejuvenate, well as a frequent business traveller myself, I can hardly blame them as a workcation is seldom fun.

The Party Hoppers: These travellers are typically found drifting in groups and packs, that are filled with individuals who are the life and soul of the party wherever they go.  They’re always on looking for nearest pubs, discos, and lounges to sack. They like to drink and yes, party! This group of travellers try to make the most of every holiday partying their time away.

The Religious Traveller: Mostly Pilgrims make up this lot. They try to visit as many shrines and holy places on their trips. Their travels might take them to various parts of the world which is an adventure in itself. The older people make up this group and usually travel along with others their age through some package or group booking.

The Photographers/ Approval Seekers: Instead of making memories and enjoying the moment, this person is busy showing off their exploits on social media. This person travels for the sake of their blog, vlog and social acceptance. Usually, social butterflies who like to give a detailed dairy account of their travels to their many followers. A part of this lot believes in weaving stories and relieving their visits through their mind-blowing captures and photographs that they post on various websites drawing envy and admiration alike.

The Frequent Weekenders: They defy the rules of the planners and take off at every single opportunity available mostly outside of the working week. They usually opt for attractive getaways in and around their cities or towns. Their financial stability and generally light-hearted approach allows them to be flexible and indulge in their appetite for travel on short notice during weekends and public holidays.

The Budget Travellers: They’re pretty sorted about one thing, travel and enjoy all you want as long as it fits the pocket. They prefer to spend as less as possible during their journeys and choose inexpensive places to travel to. They want to explore but save money at the same time. They will buy items that are less expensive than the ones available back home, usually in bulk.

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Travellers are of all kinds and normally have varying priorities when travelling. Some are soul searchers, and philosophers that do a lot of pondering during their travels others are thrill seekers that are looking to broaden their horizons and enrich their life’s experiences. Wanderlust is a potent drug that has left many a soul, terribly addicted in its wake. With the world becoming more travel-friendly and destinations safe and open to tourists and travellers, vacation days to unwind and recharge are as legit as the Christmas breaks or summer holidays.

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