3 Reasons why your Car Engine’s Overheating

The car engine itself is a fantastic work of art and an ingenious design. Using hundreds of components, your car engine gets you to the destination by merely pushing a pedal. But have you ever realized why the engine overheats?

Despite all the high-end components in there, the strong performance of your car engine can’t even last forever if you notice the temperature gauge shooting to “H” or find smoke billowing from under the hood. Engine overheating can be due to several problems including the cracked cooling system, blocked radiator, botched water pump, or even a bad thermostat. Most of the vehicle engines operate between 195°F and 220°F range.

Any defect with these will cause the temperature rising beyond the normal level, thereby leading to the overheating of your car engine. Pro motorists have tried to share a few common causes of engine overheating and its consequences. So let’s dive in;

Cracked Radiator

As we all know, the car radiator is amongst the most significant components under the hood. It’s the very first place you normally check if you notice your engine overheating. The role of your car radiator is to keep the engine at optimal temperatures. To check in case there’s something wrong with the radiator, just do a visual inspection. You can easily find a crack along the top of the radiator.

Make sure you never open a radiator cap when the engine is extremely hot or is still running as it’ll blow boiling hot liquid on your face. Instead, you should wait until the engine cools and top it off with coolant or perhaps antifreeze. In case it’s running out of coolant, you can simply fill the radiator and take your car in for service at BMW repair in Dubai.

Coolant Problems

Is your water pump & radiator reservoir in good condition? If yes! You can still face coolant problems that will cause the engine to overheat. Many people mix a coolant concentrate with an improper amount of water, and some even use the wrong coolant. In that case, they’ll face some engine problems. Perhaps that’s the reason why experts recommend you to buy pre-mixed coolant in order to avoid a wrong mix. In case you have already poured the wrong mix, just bring it in for a coolant flush.

Electric Cooling Fan Not Working

To keep your car cool, your electric fan must turn on at a certain time. When the AC is on, the fan should also turn on as the temperature rises to a certain point when you shut off the car, and the engine is still hot. If the fan doesn’t come on, there are many things you should check.

First of all, just check the fuse. If it’s working, you need to check any sensors. This may be due to fan motor not working, or there can be wire short. Either way, you’ll have to get your system checked when the electric fan doesn’t work.

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