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3 Super Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Fashion Website Using Instagram

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Did you know that 72 percent of participants from a survey say that they bought fashion and beauty products right away after seeing content on Instagram? High-quality shoppable posts on the photo-sharing platform will bridge the gap between fashion brands and consumers. However, that does not imply that a ‘Buy Now’ button on an Instagram image will result in a conversion. So if you have a fashion website, how do you plan to drive traffic to your web pages? Remember that Instagram today is more than just an image-sharing site. On the contrary, customers are showing interest in buying what they see on this social media platform. To help you out, here are three cool tips to drive traffic to your fashion business and drive sales:

1. Use Striking Illustrations

Most fashion brands like to hook their audience with product photos or editorial images, sometimes a few lifestyle visuals thrown in for generating interest. You can do something different from what the rest are doing on Instagram. Use unique and appealing illustrations to stand out from the crowd. You can always use the photos of fashion models, but alongside create a buzz around your brand with high-quality illustrations to enliven a story or theme relevant to your seasonal range of garments or fashion products. Instead of pushing your customers to buy, use a combination of eye-catching visuals and storytelling methods to make your brand memorable in the minds of your targeted audience.

2. Leverage the ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ Feature

Did you know that 300 million users on Instagram use the ‘behind-the-scenes’ feature? Instead of using the typically polished and curated photos like most fashion companies, use behind-the-scenes shots to show a more relaxed, laid-back, and informal side of your brand. You can use Instagram Stories to pique customer interest. Reputed brands do it, so why not you? You can post a behind-the-scenes look of your latest fashion shoot to drive user engagement. Moreover, it is one of the time-tested ways to acquire real Instagram likes for your posts. It will give your audience a sneak peek of the current trends, and the transitory nature of the ‘Stories’ feature will make people pay more attention to your posts. The in-the-moment stories will generate greater interest and attention, unlike typical photos that users scroll past and forget.

3. Post Non-fashion Related Topics

You can include a few posts about topics that your audience is talking about now. These photos may not relate to fashion all the time. In this regard, leverage Instagram like a more real-time social platform to connect with prospective buyers. Focus on what is more trending or popular now. For instance, you can post images related to a grand wedding ceremony, smartly blending it with the future launch of a stunning bridal gown that your brand had designed. Such posts will generate more likes and followers, and the possibility of shares.


All you need to do is use your creativity and imagination to drive traffic to your fashion business using Instagram. Try out these tips and wait for the results.

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