3 Tips on Henna Dye for Natural Hair  

Natural Hair  

Bio organic henna makes for a completely natural dye that provides for a chemical free hair colouring experience that also adds volume and shine to the hairs restores luster, while colouring your tresses with a natural shade all at one go. Henna has always been a core ingredient in the different hair treatments and therapies owing to its beneficial excellence in terms of hair care. Henna is the traditional plant in India that provided for a number of ayurvedic and traditional treatment for the hair ailments. Using Herbal henna colour comes with an array of added benefits. Bio organic henna contains no dangerous chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, heavy Metals and no other added Synthetic additives to be precise. Chemical hair colours which are high on chemical content are known to cause severe allergic reactions and also results in a number of side effects. Being this Bio-Organic product, the herbal henna colour doesn’t contain Ammonia which comes as a blessing for the people who are intolerant to the extremely pungent smell of Ammonia to be precise. Henna helps get gorgeous tresses of added shine, colour and volume and comes with a plethora of benefits.

Before you start using the Herbal henna colour, here are the three tips on using Bio organic henna dye on natural hair:

  • Understanding the Color: Bio organic henna isn’t any chemical or synthetic hair dye and it gets you an orange-reddish tone. The magical essence of this natural henna powder for hair helps deposit the colour on the outer surface of the hair and it doesn’t penetrate the hair shafts in comparison to the chemical hair dyes. You can lighten or darken the tint, but remember this is the shade that henna is instrumental in getting. Therefore it is best that you color one shaft of the hairs before going in for the whole hair application. The results varies from person to person so coloring one shaft of the hair will help you understand the shade that henna is to leave on the hairs. Henna will never lighten your hair tone but in addition shall enhance the look and feel of the hairs in an all-round manner.
  • Using It for Innumerable Advantages In Terms Of Hair Care: Henna has been a beauty product, rather a natural product that enhances beauty throughout the ages. Herbal henna colour is known to reduce hair fall. It can be used as a pack made with henna paste or henna powder can be mixed with mustard oil and used twice to thrice a week for best results. Henna provides for a natural solution to deal with the problem of dandruff and also prevents it from coming back. If you are looking for gorgeous tresses henna is the perfect solution that comes with natural conditioning benefits that leaves the hair full of shine and softness. Dry and damaged hair can be treated in a natural process with the help of henna which nourishes the hairs from the roots and even reduces split ends So for this you need to apply a mask of henna leaves soaked overnight in an iron vessel and can add eggs or honey as per requirements, while you need to leave this mixture on the scalp for 30-40 minutes.
  • Reserve A Full Day For Application Of The Dye: Herbal henna colour can be messy to apply, but considering its advantages, it is worth the mess. Therefore, make sure you reserve a full day for application of this brilliant dye and chalk out a schedule with great movies and good books to brighten up the day when you apply the excellent natural dye.

Try out the Bio organic henna and witness for yourself it’s magical excellence.

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