4 Things No One Ever Told You About the Northern Lights!

Northern Lights

As fascinating as it may sound, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are natural phenomena that can leave you spellbound. And, when in Finland, how can you not obsess about seeing them? The country, situated at a degree above 60 on the latitudinal lines, offers an enchanting view of these colourful lights emerging from the North.

You might have heard about many ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of this wondrous spectacle. Chances are, you might have even tried visiting this Northern part of the globe to capture an enticing view.

Travellers say they missed witnessing it due to some reason. If not visited Finland or any other country in the Arctic region for this purpose, well you saved yourself from some serious disappointment before coming across this article. Go through this list to ensure you have a greater chance of viewing the colourful lights, the next time you are in Finland.

The revelations about Aurora Borealis are here! Something you never heard of!

The sky needs to be darker, not colder!

Well, many people believe these lights show up only during the coldest of nights. That’s not true though. Winter is the season this phenomenon is observed in. But honestly, it doesn’t have anything to do with winter. These lights are present all year round.

However, since the Aurora region witnesses 24-hours daylight during other times, these lights are overshadowed. What matters is that the region should experience darkness to spot these magnificent lights.

You get it? Plan for seeing Aurora Borealis when it’s the darkest!

Hunt for the Northern lights in the extreme North

Sounds obvious, eh?

The thing is, travellers have missed spotting this magnificent spectacle because they simply ignored this obvious fact. Being in a country located towards extreme North of the globe isn’t enough! You need to make sure you are on the northern-most tip of Finland too when hunting for Aurora Borealis.

Track your direction. Make sure you can no more move up North before stopping. Wait for it to get darker. Carry some food along to munch on while you wait.

Pro tip: Ask the locals precisely which direction you need to look for!

The colour is not always green and blue, as the pictures say!

Something you hadn’t expected to hear, right? That’s true. These lights appear when passing and reflecting through different gases. One’s naked eyes easily capture the blue-green part of the spectrum, but it also appears in grey-white beams many times. Thus, if you spot them in this colour, consider it a big day, although a little less magnificent.

Last but not least, be prepared to enjoy the destination too

Its harsh but true – weather in the Arctic region is unpredictable, often surrounded by storms and clouds. If it so happens, the chances of spotting the Northern Lights diminishes. So, prepare beforehand to enjoy the country too, just in case you get unlucky.

By the way, Finland is a beautiful country covered with snow. It will never disappoint you with a multitude of activities on offer. Go for dog-sledge riding with huskies, spend time in ice hotels, or better visit Lapland to have a meeting with our beloved Santa.

Good luck with spotting the splendid spectacle! Enjoy the winters in this Finnish land…

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