5 Diwali Gifts for Someone Who Can’t Stop Eating Chocolate

Diwali Chocolate hamper

Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor among Indians throughout the world. Preparations for Diwali start weeks in advance and hence, it is not just a one-day affair. It is festival that brings with it a lot of fun and enjoyment. Several days before the festival people zestfully start cleaning their houses, a task seems to be tedious and boring during regular days. During this festival season people squeeze out time for meet and greet and exchange of gifts, which brings even more joy. 

Since Diwali season is the time for gift exchange, it becomes mandatory to get the gift that will be pleasing for your friends and family. And if you have a dear one who loves to eat chocolates, you will have to find a gift that will bring him a pleasurable experience.  Here are five gifts that could appease the sweet-tooth of a chocolate lover:   

  1. Chocolate Cake

A chocolate cake is the present that a chocolate lover will welcome with open arms. A gorgeous and good-looking cake will serve as fine Diwali gift for a chocolate lover. It will be a mouthwatering treat for your dear one as he will not be able to resist himself from having a slice right away. The best part is there are enough options of chocolate cake available in the shops as well online like mud cake, black forest cake, Kitkat cake, Oreo cake and truffle cake. 

  • A Pack Of Cadbury Celebrations

Cadbury is brand that no chocolate lover can resist. So gifting a chocolate lover a pack of Cadbury Celebrations will absolutely delight him. In fact, the box of Cadbury celebrations is a universal gift and is meant for other festivals as well. It has come up as a replacement for the box of sweets, especially for the people who cannot resist chocolates. A pack of celebrations contains different products like Gems, Five Star, Temptations, Dairy Milk and Silk.  

  • An Assortment Of Toothsome Chocolates

Receiving a pack of Cadbury Celebrations will surely be relished by a chocolate lover. Nevertheless, you can also gift him an assortment of different kinds of chocolate. A Diwali Chocolate hamper will please him greatly. Let this pack contains some dark chocolate, a few light chocolates and just about four or five white chocolates. Add to this assortment brands like Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Nestle, Bounty, and also some handmade chocolates.   

  • A Pack Of Chocolate Cookies And Muffins

For a chocolate lover, anything made of chocolate is irresistible. So on Diwali, besides gifting him chocolates bars, you can give him a handsome hamper made of chocolate products. At large this hamper can contain chocolate cookies and muffins. But adding some chocolate coated dry fruits and wafers will not be a bad idea either.  

  • A Fine Quality Cocoa Powder

Chocolate shakes and hot chocolate are a yummy treat. So, how can a chocolate lover stay away from them? This Diwali induce the idea of making flavorful chocolate shakes and hot chocolates in the mind of a chocolate lover and give a pack of good-quality cocoa powder.

This Diwali satiate the sweet-craving of a chocolate lover by giving him these gifts. You can get them from shops as well as online. 

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