5 Must-Have Cocktails To Rock Everyone’s Wedding Spirits

5 Must-Have Cocktails To Rock Everyone’s Wedding Spirits

Indian weddings are super fun in nature! Unlike western weddings where everything is quite formal, our weddings are incomplete without lots of hula-gula and shor-sharaba. And add in a dash of alcohol (or as we lovingly call it daaru) the results are insane (in a good way of course!). Although there are still many families in India where the culture of including alcoholic drinks during wedding festivities is not considered right. But for the families who are open about this idea, alcohol takes their wedding spirits a notch up higher.

As per some of the best catering services in Bangalore, one major issue which couples face is in deciding the cocktail menu for the wedding. With so many (literally unlimited!) varieties of recipes available in the market, selecting limited but good options is not an easy task. And to help you with that, we’ve combined a list of 5 must have cocktails at the wedding festivities to keep everyone happy-high!

  • Red & White Wine Sangria: For the people who love fruity and not so high-on alcohol drinks, red and white wine sangria is an apt choice. It is very simple to make and the best part is the customization. You can add any fruits of your choice but we recommend sticking to seasonal ones as they bring out the best flavors. It won’t be wrong to say that this cocktail has a cult fan following and your guests will go crazy on seeing this in the bar menu.

 Red & White Wine Sangria

  • Khus Sharbat With a Ginny Twist: This cocktail is a perfect choice for every summer wedding. We all are aware of how much our parents, during summers, keep saying drink cool sharbat before going or coming from outside. Keeping that in mind, this sweet and bitter concoction of Khus Sharbat with Gin is great to keep guests cool and on their feet during summer weddings.

 Khus Sharbat With a Ginny Twist

  • Rum & Coke: This drink is another cult cocktail and a huge crowd pleaser. It is an ideal choice for winter weddings because of the inclusion of rum. Making this cocktail is very fuss-free and requires only four ingredients i.e. rum (preferably black), coke, a slice of lime and ice. One great thing about this drink is that it’s a highball drink which means that guests will be in happy spirits and not in gone-spirits LOL!

Rum & Coke

  • Vodka Shikanji: Keeping up with the Indian tradition, this spicy, tangy and sweet drink is back with an alcoholic bang to rock your wedding. It will transport all your guests to their childhood times when their daadi-naani used to make shikanji. Again very easy to make, it requires only a few ingredients like plain soda, vodka, lemon, mint leaves, sugar, salt, and cumin.

Vodka Shikanji

  • Paan Mojito: Giving the classic mojito an Indian twist is this Paan Mojito. Traditionally, a paan is eaten at the end of the meal as a mouth freshener. But this drink will begin the night with its refreshing, fruity, minty and a bit alcoholic taste.

 Paan Mojito

These were our favorite and famous-five cocktail drinks which you should include in the wedding. But like we say it again and again, it is your wedding and should be done your way! Include any drink which you feel will be an exemplary choice. A friendly note of caution by Shaadidukaan (India’s best online wedding market), do not forget to instruct your barman to keep the alcohol content on the lower side in the drinks because you surely don’t want the wedding to become a madhouse.

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