5 Reasons to Ditch the Guy Who’s Not Sure about You

So you begin to notice his uninterested behavior. He seems emotionally distant. He doesn’t called for days. But, you tend to ditch these thoughts and continue with finding excuses. Until his indifference becomes too obvious to ignore. But you are still adamant, and you are unable to bring yourself to tell him off. Let us give you a little reality-dose. There is no tomorrow with him. You can’t will your Spectrum phone to ring, or show you a text message from your boyfriend! It’s time to break up. It may sound harsh but it is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Still not convinced?

These are the signs telling you to ditch the idiot, and move on:

1. No Effort to Contact You

If your boyfriend is never willing to put even 5% effort to give you your well-deserved time, then you should reconsider. You tend to make all those excuses about how busy he may be, stuck in a meeting, or a family thing. But the truth is that it doesn’t take much struggle to type a few words, or to make a call. You are busy too, doing tons of things between the workplace and home, yet you always find time to check on him. Clearly, he isn’t interested to talk to you. He keeps his mood on priority. And this is not ON.

2. Emotionally Absent & Distant

You must have heard the term EUM. It stands for emotionally unavailable men. Such men royally screw the women. You need to realize the obvious. If your guy is never doing any future planning with you, doesn’t include you in his life, doesn’t introduce you to his friends and family, chances are that he is just passing time with you. Don’t become emotionally invested in him. He is only playing unpredictable and challenging, for you to stay hooked.

3. You Pushed Him

If you begged him to give you a chance and still doing the same, you are all set for a future heartbreak! No good marriage begins with an ultimatum; similarly, no good relationship can start with pleading. You need to pull yourself together and have your self-esteem intact. He is only there to enjoy your attention.

4. Never Hangs Out with You

He does whatever he feels like doing, whenever he wants to. He doesn’t take you out with him anymore when he is off to a baseball game, or a dinner with friends. Its time to call it quits!

5. Not Trust Worthy

Relationships are based on trust. No one wants to date a liar. If you are getting sketchy vibes from him while he explains that this other girl is just a friend, you need to break up. If you can’t trust him, you cannot be with him. Simple as that!

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