5 Reasons Why Corporate Team Building Activities are Gaining Popularity

Team Building Activities

Events and activities related to team building are necessary if one wants to improve relations among team members. A business plan or goal, no matter how ambitious it is, cannot come to fruition if there is a lack of communication and understanding among its team members. When employees are the biggest asset that takes an organisation to success, having a strong team gains an even greater weightage.

Corporate team building activities are, thus, important for all organisations irrespective of their size, scale or structure of operation.Today, no matter whether a business has a collaborative environment or the workforce operates individually; it is about organising these activities for its employees. Many reasons surround the steep gain in popularity of such activities.

Reasons for the increasing popularity of team building events:

1) Employee interaction increases

The topmostreason why business owners are initiating team building activities for their employees is that they get to know each other better. Work environment comes with numerous challenges and hurdles that bringmostly the competitive sides of the workforce to fore.

Nevertheless, activities like raft building or Burma bridge crossing or dynamic challenge courses let these people express a different side of one another. They get to know their colleagues outside the work environment and learn to become supportive of each. This, in turn, improves their productivity in the office.

2)Bridge the departmental gaps

It has been found that often people working in the same office for years have no idea who their colleagues from the adjoining departments are. Corporate team building activities, when initiated by employers, help bridge this division acquainting people from different departments.It helps them create greater networks even after some of them have left the organisation. Besides, the development of personal skills through team activities like great escape or trust walk is an add-on.

3) Greater engagement and high morale

Continuously working in 9 to 5 jobs leads to a lack of motivation for working monotonously.Besides, demanding job roles limit their engagements with co-workers.These fun activities give them a chance to break the monotony. They offer everyone an opportunity to come together,andeach one can feel to be a part of the team through activities and sports like rock climbing, valley crossing, trekking, etc.

4) Help employees feel worthy and valued

Everyone wants to work in an organisation that gives them a chance to try out new things or offers a scope to prove their value. Team building activities provide a great opportunity to employees for proving their self-worth.Moreover, a day spent in trying out new fun activities with co-workers and seniors also gives people an opportunity to express themselves outside the formal set-up. They get a break, and later on, this value reflects in their work.

5) Development of collaboration and communication

Many of these team activities have a design that helps facilitate collaboration and teamwork. Activities like A-frame need two to three team members to work together for keeping balance. It gives them a chance to improve their communication and create a sense of collaboration while working.

Hence, employers are initiating and pushing their employees more to participate in corporate team building activities. They not only end up with an effective team but also reap long term benefits through increased productivity.

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