6 Essential Considerations for Successful OTT UI/UX Design

OTT UI UX Design

As OTT continues storming its way to customers’ hearts, there is a lot of emphasis on how the service can be streamlined and made better to improve the overall customer experience. No wonder that even Apple CEO Tim Cook corroborates that the future of TV is apps.

Global services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube are setting the benchmark extremely high. As such, new media delivery service platforms making an entry into this space need to face intense competition and user expectations. Here are some ways in which you can carve out a distinct market for your brand:

1. Original and Engrossing content

Content is what you relay over the OTT as a media delivery service, and content is what users get to see and experience. It is the most important success factor in improving your revenues and market share. The interesting thing about today’s customer profile is that they are highly fragmented and need to watch content as per their preferences and tastes.

Netflix is the prime example of how well they have managed to include localization into their scheme of things. Be it their Philippines foray or India venture, they have made sure that only select content as per the local consumers’ tastes was factored in when deciding on the content to be shown.

2. Personalized User Experience

The success of OTT apps will be determined by the amount of personalization they offer. Media delivery service experts can look at the below options:

A – Better retention strategies
Right from first time subscription to renewal, customers greatly appreciate personalized retention strategies at every stage of the customer journey. A media delivery service needs to factor in personalized up sell and give them the power to make informed choices.

B – Tailored recommendation experience 
Businesses are increasingly moving to AI-powered recommendation engines to create a personalized experience worthy of a customer’s loyalty. This perhaps explains why Netflix users watch more than 80 percent of the TV shows recommended by the platform.

3. Enabling superior user experience

Imagine if the users find it difficult to discover content or navigate through the app? Even if the content is mind-blowing, Media delivery service companies would find it difficult to retain user interest. These points will help improve user experience to a great extent:

A – Simplified on-boarding
It is vital to make the user on-boarding process fast and easy. Your sign up page needs to ask for only basic information and factor in only the main features and UI components needed to deliver value via the app.

B – Content preview
Providing a preview of the app content before the sign-up process builds better trust among the users about the OTT media delivery service. You can display a visible ‘Free Trial’ button to give traction to the customer journey towards a successful conversion.

4. Intuitive UI and simplified viewing experience

Attention is needed to not only on-board smoothly, but also retains their interest for long. With an intuitive UI, an OTT media delivery service can ensure that the user keeps watching on the content on your platform. Some ways to accomplish this include –

  • The convenience to turn on subtitles or turn it off
  • Flexibility to let the user continue from where he/she left off
  • Smart button placement for routine functions like play, pause, stop and fast forward
  • Build offline viewing facility into the app
  • Running info about media consumption and time

These steps help in delivering a great UI experience and build customer loyalty.

5. Easy Payment gateway integration

Today, there are a lot of payment options and a user can select any one of them. Not having a payment integration of the user’s choice is almost a sin. It denotes that the user is ready to make payment but cannot find the appropriate gateway to do so.  Make sure to allow popular payment options like PayPal, credit cards, and net banking. Also, make sure to send reminders and the facility to bill users on a convenient payment cycle.

6. Push notifications

Push notifications tend to be tricky. They can add a great deal of value to your customer servicing experience but if not done right, it can lead to dissatisfaction and app uninstalls. Here are some pointers to get this right for your OTT media delivery service:

  • Make the notification contextual and relevant to a given user
  • Consider the engagement window and milestone achieved by the user before sending an applicable notification
  • Space out the notifications to eliminate information overload in a matter of minutes

These are the most critical features a media delivery service needs to take care of when entering the OTT service market. With these steps in place, customer acquisition will become streamlined and effective.

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