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7 Tips to Make Your Condo Bedroom Look Expensive


Who says you can’t have a bedroom like the one in the magazines? And the ones you see in the movies. It’s true that the bedrooms in the magazines tempt your attention to beauty and entice you to have one like that. But due to your budget, you resist this wish and feel contented in your small space.

What if I tell you that you can turn your condo bedroom into an expensive look with your existing budget, will you believe?


Let me tell you how you can achieve the expensive look of your condo bedroom in a small budget.

1.    First Remove the Extra Stuff

All the luxurious apartments, condos, lofts or single-family homes follow the approach of minimalism, i.e. less clutter and more beauty. Look around your room and cut the things which are unnecessary like stands, decorative pieces on the wall, sofas or any other thing that’s affecting the beauty of your room. If your space is dirty or cluttered, clean it up and remove the junk. 

Cleanliness makes the small space look beautiful and if it’s cluttered so no matter how big your space, it will give an overwhelmed impression. Pay attention to the flooring and see if you haven’t used the room for storage of the stuff.

2.    Choose a Light Color Theme

Big and bold rooms are often painted with light colors like white, blue or green. If your bedroom size is small, choosing bright colors can widen the look of your condo bedroom. Treat your bedroom as a warm and welcoming place where you can unwind and soothe your muscles. So, everything on a lighter note will work wonders; from carpeting, flooring to bedding, you need to ensure that you aren’t making the things blaring.

If you’ve recently purchased a Toronto condo for sale and looking to decorate it then go with the light color theme for your bedroom. It will make space look bigger and better.     

3.    Update the Old Furniture

If your bedroom furniture is a decade old, doorknobs or furniture style is outdated, you need to change it to make it look elegant. If you can’t afford to buy a new furniture set then go for updating the existing one. 

It won’t bruise your wallet and will get you the modern look in your budget. If you decorative pieces that are outdated, replace it with the modern frames to stylize the whole look.

4.    Shine it with Lightning

Lightning plays a pivotal role in making your room cheap or expensive. Either you want a small chandelier, drum-shade fixtures, lamps or savers, choose the one that compliments your bedroom style. 

The maximum money you’d be needing for the lightning would be $100 but if it’s well-spent, you’ll earn a great benefit for your bedroom.

5.    Eco-Friendly Tip: Go Green

Plants do a great job to make your bedroom look expensive without spending enough money on it. You can pick the ones from your garden – indoor plants. Shop out for the prettiest vase and fill it with a bouquet of cut flowers handpicked from your garden. You can also take one lush green plant and put it in a metal container.

Make sure the plants are indoors. Set them in the corner to make it look attractive. Plants won’t only add to the beauty of the place but will also help in purifying the air and giving you a relaxing good night’s sleep. Beauty + Health, What a win/win.

6.    Set Up the Dressing Table

If your dressing table is loaded with your cosmetic stuff, medicine, and hairdressing things, the beauty of the room will be turned down. The best tip is to keep your dressing table simple and uncluttered. 

You can also use a tray to place your jewelry, perfumes or small collectibles. If you coat the tray with gold or metallic spray paint, it will look more elegant.

7.    Pull Up the Curtains

When you wake up, pull up your curtains and let the daylight comes in. The natural light coming will expand your bedroom space. When the curtain is mounted up and hang and the drapes hang to the floor, it looks more pleasing to the eye.

In addition to it, the daylight is beneficial for your room as it kills the microorganisms and nourishes you with Vitamin D.

So, either you’re going for lofts for sale Toronto or condos, following the tips above can make your bedroom meaningful and worth spending time in. Therefore, without worrying about your budget, you can get an expensive bedroom look or the one you always wish to have.

Haven’t we make your dream simple?  

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