Are Outsider Students Allowed to Work in Canada

Are outsider students allowed to work in Canada

Canada is a great country to get a higher education. Students from all over the world go to Canada for receiving an education. However, education is quite expensive there and hence all the students, no matter from which part of the world, prefer to work and earn to fund their education without burdening their parents.

Some countries have the policies against international students working off-campus and make a living. It is due to security concerns and other concerns like control over employment for the natives. However, it is different in Canada and the international students can work both on-campus and off-campus without the work permit.

There are plenty of options in odd jobs like cashier, accountant, salesperson or waiter etc. however the students can also earn experience in their respective professional field through various jobs if they are eligible according to the required criteria. Following are some of the conditions and eligibility criteria for being able to earn in Canada if your visa is a student visa without a work permit.

Work on-campus

An international student can easily work and earn good money within the premises of the school where he is enrolled for his degree. There are several requirements to be eligible to do that which are mentioned as following

  • The student must have a valid study permit
  • The student must own a social insurance number
  • The student must be enrolled in any one of the following; private Canadian school eligible to legally award the degree, a private college-level school that is at least 50% funded by the government and present in QUEBEC, and any public post-secondary school like college or university.

The types of jobs you can do on-campus are mostly for the employers that are doing business within the school premises where the student is registered. The employer could be the school itself, student organization, any member of the faculty, private contractor providing his services to the school or a private business that is located in the school premises. You can also be self-employed within the boundaries of your school.

Work off-campus

International students can work off-campus as well with a specific set of requirements fulfilled. However, if any of these requirements are not being met for any reason the student must stop working immediately. Following is the eligibility criteria for working off campus

  • The student must have a valid study permit.
  • Enrolled as a full-time learning student at any designated learning student.
  • The student’s academic performance must be satisfactory according to the school’s standards.
  • The student must be enrolled for at least 6-month long program at any academic, vocational or training center and is a potential degree, certificate or diploma holder by the end of the program.
  • The student must have a social insurance number.

Some international students are not allowed to work off-campus if;

  • They are enrolled in ESL; English as a second language or FSL; French as a second language.
  • They are enrolled in a general interest course or program.
  • They are exchange students.

Alternatives for being able to work in Canada

If unfortunately, you are not eligible for the off-campus work in Canada and unable to find any on-campus work then there are several other options. First and most effective is the option of online jobs such as providing tutoring online or providing essay writing help | 7$ Canada for students in Canada and outside Canada. Another great option could be to serve as professional essay writers for the students of your institute or it could be done online as well.

Working in Canada is not a tough task as long as you are meeting the requirements. There are no other extra procedures other than these basic requirements.

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