Artificial Intelligence in Travel: What a Powerful Combination?

Artificial intelligence in Travel

There are only a few industries, which have always embraced new technologies with open arms. So, did you just remember the travel industry? Travel is an area where people from different cultures meet and then the transfer of knowledge takes place. When it comes to adoption of new technology, every traveler has always been enthusiastic. He/she has made use of every tech innovation in order to make their journey more simple and enjoyable. In this article of artificial intelligence in travel, we focus on the benefits of this new technology for this industry.

Old Times

Just imagine the changes brought by technology before two decades. When websites became popular, travelers all over the world welcomed the online presence of travel companies online presence as they can book tickets with ease. Now, it is the era of apps. Travelers are making the best use of mobiles to book tickets, search for places and many more.

Artificial Intelligence and Travel

The changes have happened in a broader sense. Artificial intelligence or AI has stepped into the travel industry. This new technology is used to give personalized service, predict accurate reasons, complete the bookings as well manage the completion of trips within the schedule.

  • Have you heard about the KLM airlines? They have implemented AI in their social media platforms. Till the last month of the year 2017, this AI was handling nearly fifty percent of the customer queries.
  • Dorchester Collections added one more feather up their sleeve. They modified their menu after their own AI identified, analyzed all the customer reviews.
  • Lola, the travel app, makes use of AI to provide necessary information for flight schedules, advice on restaurants and hotel bookings.

One factor is for sure. The AI can definitely enhance the experience of the customers. Now let us go into the benefits one by one.

1. Artificial Intelligence in Travel

Okay, let us assume you are a foreigner and have come to Bangalore. You access the website such as metrosaga to gain information about best restaurants and places in Bangalore. Likewise, there are also many websites where you can gain any information online. Using this option, you can plan the trips, analyze options and make cancellation as well as bookings. So, you do not have to make calls nor seek the assistance of a travel guide. How does a travel website make all these possible? By use of AI.

Let us imagine, you have stayed in a hotel where only lodging is available. You check into the hotel, come to the lobby and use the Google Assistant in your mobile for booking an order for food. Now the AI app will check every restaurant, their menus and then help you book a delivery order. This is possible only by AI.

2. Language Processing

Now let us look into the other benefit of AI. Let us imagine you have gone to China. You have a problem with the language. Now, with the help of Natural Language Processing bots, you can navigate your way. You can also take an image of a word, put in the google search option and then get the answers.

3. Facial recognition

Have you heard about the smart lock in a home? The smart lock has a storage area where you can store the facial features of your home members. If your family member comes to the house, the door will open as it recognizes the facial features. On the other hand, if a new member comes to your home, it will send an alert to your mobile.

Check the same situation with travel. If you are going to a foreign country, you need to check and verify different documents by various agencies. If only, facial recognition technology comes to prominence, then you can easily move across customers, immigration and other agencies. If the storage is done in the blockchain, then it becomes easy for a traveler (you) to move across various continents. You do not have to give the documents to security agencies for a check.

The travel industry has also changed. In recent times, airports and airlines have also turned to retail outlets. You can get any item ranging from blankets to food items. And you do not have to go physically to the store. You can check on their website, make the booking and let the item come to you. But when you book for a product, you also get recommendations for deals and other offers. Now, this is not artificial intelligence but machine learning.

Now how can machine learning assist the buying behavior of travelers? When you enter some information, it checks into the database, does analyses and makes assumptions of your behavior. Based on these updates, machine learning can convert leads to conversions. It can also enhance the loyalty quotient of a brand.

4. Social media

There is another way in which artificial intelligence helps travelers. By giving knowledge of touts who deceive foreigners. Let us imagine, you have come from China to Bangalore. Now, after going through the e-magazine Metrosaga, you plan a bike trip from Bangalore to Madikeri. Your Indian friend helps by giving his bike. Now, on the roadway to Mysore, the bike gets repaired. Where will you search for the best mechanics skilled in bike repair in Bangalore? India is a new country. But able help is available at hand. You can download the app of the best companies which provide on-site repair and maintenance.

Now, before booking via the app, you search on various online tools, where the company can be trusted. The online tools make an analysis of various reviews and then gives the perfect answer. This is another instance of artificial intelligence in travel industry.


Do you feel that more valuable points can be added to this article of artificial intelligence in travel? If so, be kind enough to put a comment in the Reviews Section. And you have to take notice of another factor. Artificial Intelligence applications reduce time while improving the accuracy of results while you are in a different country. To keep abreast of the recent updates in various categories, subscribe to our newsletter.

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