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Baby Massages Oil Keeps Your Baby’s Skin Smooth and Velvety

Oil Keeps Your Baby’s Skin

The little bundle of joy that entered your life definitely deserves all the love, pampering, and your attention. The best waysare to begin with healthy habits like grooming, feeding, sleeping and most importantly massaging the baby.

You’ll find many suggestions from everyone surrounding you. But, the one that would bring various health benefits and is used since centuries is baby massage.

In this blog, we are going to give you detailed information about the benefits of baby massage and best baby skin care products in India to try for your little one. Go ahead and check it out!

How to Perform Baby Oil Massage?

• Ensure that your hands are clean and sterile

• No long nails

• Do not wear any jewelry or rings

• An important point to remember – Do not massage your baby with oil if she or he looks sleepy or hungry

What kind of Oil to choose for the baby?

• It’s the most crucial thing to decide about the oil for the baby. There are a few things you need to lookout before getting your hands on the oil.

• Check whether the oils are cold-pressed or not.

• Do not use the wheat germ oil, peanut oil or any other. It might cause an allergic reaction to the sensitive skin of the child.

• Before using the oil directly apply some on the oil in the hand or leg and leave it for 24 hours to see the effect.

• The almond oil for baby massage is an excellent option since it doesn’t have any side effects.

• Do not use any oil that contains preservatives or additives. Instead, opt for ayurvedic baby massage oil. It is full of nutrients and offers comfort to the child.

What’s the best time to massage the baby?

• Generally, the best time to massage according to the experts is when they are utterly happy, giggling and filling your room with laughter.

• Some parents massage with ayurvedic baby massage oil right after the bath.

• It is highly suggested not to massage the baby after feeding.

What are the benefits of massaging baby with oil?

• There are certain benefits like improving blood circulation, makes the baby relax, sound sleep, and boost up the immune system, respiratory system, and digestives system.

• Massaging the baby oil also improves the communication between mother and child.

• Helps the baby relieve congestion and discomfort from the gas. Massaging also affects during teething.

Besides, massaging the oil, you should also keep the skin of baby moisturized. Once the baby has taken bath, apply biotique baby lotion for dry skin.

Most of the times, elbow, hands, knees become of dry skin. Therefore, always use natural with no harmful preservatives baby lotion.

Remember, the entire purpose of massaging the baby is to make its positive effect on mind and body. You will be able to communicate with the baby and create a loving bond that’ll be nurtured for life.

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