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Choosing a career option is one of the difficult phases of life. Earlier people were not much concerned about fitness but nowadays many people choose fitness industry as their career option. Some people like to choose personal training as their career while other people take interest to change the way of lifestyles of other people. Thousands of people think to start their career in fitness and health every year but they have no knowledge about the steps to be taken for fulfilling their dream. Selecting a career in fitness and health will give you exciting opportunities as well as good rewards. Only those people can boost up their career in future who have full-fledged knowledge about fitness training. If you are living in Birmingham you can choose different fitness careers in Birmingham and can easily make a bright future ahead. But before that it’s essential to follow the ultimate guide for a fitness career:

Basic knowledge of working out at the gym: One thing is sure that you can’t start your career in fitness and health until you have a good experience of working out at the gym because of no certification matters, if you do not hold experience. You may have learned training programs and techniques at some coaching institute but being a rat at the gym have more benefits. Having years of experience at a gym will raise your confidence also.

Foundation course in personal training: This is the second step you may take in your fitness career. If you have held a good experience of working out at a gym it will be easier for you to start your foundation course in personal training. This is the place where you can gain more knowledge about muscles that you were not able to get at your gym. This will also help you to know about the origin of muscles as well as insertion. Some other basicslike how energy is produced, fat loss, muscle gain will be added to your knowledge.

Certification in master training: The level of master training is higher than a basic personal training course. The time period of this course is longer than personal training curse and is more intense. You will learn basics in foundation course but in master training, you will learn to indebt things. This course will make you master in fitness training and will boost your confidence will help you to give training to your client in a more efficient and confident way. Master training gives more focus to on form and techniques.

Types of job in a fitness career:

Wellness coordinator: Starting a career in fitness and health doesn’t mean you can get jobs only at the gym. It has a wider scope. Nowadays many business organizations have started workplace wellness programs for their business. The main motive of these programs is to maintain the health of their employee which runs under the guidance of a wellness coordinator. Wellness coordinators arrange fitness classes after work, prevention programs and fitness assignment.

Health club manager: Health club manager is one of the best jobs in fitness career. There are a lot of vacancies for the post of the health club manager. The main task to health club manager is to seek the club’s daily activities, ensures the cleanliness of the club and to check the standards of hygiene. To become a manager you must have a bachelor degree as well as fitness certification.

Assistant at the gym: The job of a gym assistant is also a good option. Gym assistants basically check that if the tools and equipment are properly working or to check whether the gym is clean or not. In addition to this gym assistant assists the customers with equipment. Gym assistant always reports to the general manager and also helps them in the recruiting process.

Group exercise: Giving training in a group is one of the easy jobs and they can enter the fitness industry very easily through group exercise teaching. Group exercise trainers mostly have experience in aerobics, indoor cycling, athletic- style workouts. Group trainers can easily gain fame and reputation in the fitness industry as they teach in a group.

Physical therapy: You can also become a physical therapist. Physical therapist work for injured and ill people to get back their movement. You can also work in clinics, hospitals or nursing homes. If you want to become a physical therapist you must have a doctoral degree. This really sounds beneficial for those who are always interested in making fitness their career. They can gain more knowledge about the sphere, train themselves and get ready to grab opportunities coming their way.

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