Benefits of Blue Light Filter Coating on Glasses

Benefits of blue light filter glasses.

You know a coating of the blue light filter on your glasses is helpful in the same way as Anti-UV coatings on your glasses or sunglasses. In the digital world where minimum 7- 8 hours are spent in front of the computers for the office goers, playing online games or the junior wing who just watches so many cartoons and animated movies every day. All of them need to protect their eyes from the harms that come with the progressive digital world. As we are busy taking the advantages of the electronic devices, they are harming our body at an alarming rate.

What is this blue light

The Sun is a major source of light on the Earth. Leaving a few sources of light like the Campfires, Candles, and lanterns that emit orange light. All other sources are emitting artificial blue light. Your screens of televisions, computers, laptops, mobile phones that glow brightly are really harming your eyes at another level. So to keep your eyes safe and your mind fit you need to pull a protection plan.

blue light filter glasses

A pair of blue light filter glasses are important. Know why

You work late at night, you are working in night shifts, in your leisure time you use a phone. And obviously, you can not say that I am not going to use them as they are bad for my health. The simple reasons are, we are either earning bread for our house by those long hour shifts in front of the computer or are either fascinated by the technology and using it ceaselessly. So why not to wear a pair of blue-light blocking glasses to protect your eyes.

Many think spectacles are worn by people who have weak eye sights. But not now! As they are a part of not only staple fashion but have so many ways to protect your eyes. The spectacles in today’s time can be your night driving glasses, can protect your eyes from the brittle sun and obviously are your blue light filter glasses.

Why a pair of Anti-blue glasses are helpful

Keep your body clock tuned: You know the natural light from the sun is helpful in maintaining the body clock. It helps you by keeping you awake and active during the day and helps you in sleeping soundly during the night. The blue light that mimics the sun takes charge of the body clock. When you sit a lot in front of the electronic devices, you absorb a lot of blue light. Further, it intervenes with your body cycle by confusing it with the sleep hours. And this is the reason why people experience sleepless nights who work till late at night, 

Melatonin level is maintained: The hormone which maintains the sleep cycle of the body- Melatonin gets controlled by the blue light. In the absence of the sun, the level of this hormone increases to make one fall asleep. The artificial blue light decreases the Melatonin hormone which makes one have puffy eyes, eye strains and headaches. Anti Blue light filter glasses coatings keep the level of Melatonin maintained and gives a proper cycle of sleep too.

Stress hormone at bay: Cortisol- it is the stress hormone released during the day. By wearing blue blockings you can control the level of it. As the artificial light is not going to intervene with it.

Does it require any exceptional pair to have blue light filter coatings? 

The normal glasses with an extra coating are helpful. In this way, the frames that you are wearing as prescription glasses or plain for a fashion appeal can become blue light glasses. Your lenses to protect your from the bad will just get this transparent coating. This way only you know that even there is a coating present on lenses.

Wish to know the best place to buy Anti-blue glasses

You need a prescription pair, just some trendy frames or these glasses having blue- light coatings. There is an eyewear store- Specscart that can solve all your spectacles related problems. Placing an order of glasses was never that easy. As the glasses home trial will bring not 1, 2 but 4 pairs of frames to your home that too without paying any extra cost.

So break the blue bad, get your pair and let your eyes experience relief.

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