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Buying Wedding Dress Online – Tips to Keep in Mind

Bridal Dress

A wedding dress is an integral part of every girl’s dream since her childhood. For women, it is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that needs thoughtful investment so they keep a tight budget for the dress. Many women prefer buying their bridal dress online for their wedding. The wide variety of products available online based on their wedding theme. The good deals they could get in comparison to a brick-and-mortar outlet or the one with a designer label on it.

Many women resell their wedding dresses to make an extra income at selling alternatives like Trugether. This offers a great opportunity for budget-conscious buyers to invest in a beautiful dress prudently by spending just the right amount and getting the product home-delivered.

Picking the perfect dress in fashion world before your wedding can be a daunting task. You may get spoilt for choice with the latest collection, or thwarted by contradicting customer reviews or you can get some idea through artificial intelligence in fashion.

Before you get set to buy your dream wedding dress online, you will need to consider these six important tips.

Right Fabric of Wedding Dress

The fabric of your wedding garb is as important as the dress itself. You don’t want to stay with a feeling of discomfort in your own D-Day dress. When you are at a physical store, you can touch and feel the fabric of the gown, which is not possible while buying it online.

Check the product’s description carefully before choosing your dress. If that vital info is not sufficient, then you could contact the seller directly and ask for more information or better yet, for swatches of the fabric for you. Try to get hold of an existing customer of the seller and ask for her opinion on the dress quality and its fabric.

Make the Purchase in Advance

Last-minute purchase of something as vital as your wedding dress is out of the question. Consider factors like late arrival, color or size mismatch, poor fabric quality, exchanges, and high online demand for the dress before purchasing it.

When a gorgeous wedding dress is available for sale at half the price or at a deal that is irresistible, everyone who is interested will compete in order to own it. Even if the wedding dress looks fine, you will need some extra window of time to get the alterations done so that the dress looks perfect on you on your special day.

Order a Size Up When You are Unsure

It is always better to get a bigger dress trimmed down to a perfect fit than trying to breathe hard in a tight one. Comfort is an important aspect of wedding dresses and feeling awkward in a seemingly tight dress in a strict no-no.

Debating between two sizes of a dress is common. The solution to this problem is to take live measurements and choose the wedding dress that is one size up. Another important point would be the length of your dress in proportion to your height after wearing wedding shoes.

Consider the Reputation of the Online Portal

Buying a beautiful wedding dress at an established online marketplace like Trugether is better than buying it from unknown sources. Firstly, you’re not sure of the delivery on time, and secondly, the quality, pricing, shipping charges, returns, exchanges, etc. won’t have a bearing on a portal will ill repute or no reputation at all.

The mode of payment is one way of determining if the source is reliable or not. If the payment mode mentioned on a site is via wired payment or in-person settlement, then you should take care as such sites are suspicious. A credit card or net banking mode of payment is more reliable since people do a record of the transaction on the servers and makes for an official evidence of purchase.

Get Real Insights Through Customer Reviews

The rule of thumb while making a purchase online is to read verified customer reviews of a particular product you wish to buy that a seller has on his/her listing. When it comes to a wedding dress, if real customers are happy with the purchase, they would definitely put up detailed information about their experience with the seller.

On the contrary, if the delivered product is not satisfying enough, the buyer would definitely ensure to put up an unbiased and strict review  so that someone else’s dream of owning a beautiful wedding dress is not crushed too. You may also find leads to gaining access to an alternative seller who sells the same product at better discounts. Why pay more for the same product when you could get it for a better price and service? Many reviews can guard you against scammers too. The more positive the verified reviews, the safer it is buying from this seller.

Verify the Seller Policies

Before zeroing in on a spectacular bridal dress that you might get a killer deal on, you will need to check the causes of why it is so good. Verifying the seller policies w.r.t. returns, exchanges, shipping, restocking fee, etc. is imperative to ensure that your purchase does not have loopholes associated with it.

If the e-marketplace you are buying from has buyer protection, it is a good sign. Even if it does not, you will need to check the seller’s policies and decide on whether to take the risk of buying the dress or not. You could also call the seller or email them and confirm if the purchase covers returns/exchanges/refunds.


Right from the word go, choosing a bridal dress that looks charming, fits your body, your expectations, and your budget is a tough task to accomplish. But, with the plethora of options available online, you can switch between sellers based on the flexibility and quality of service they provide. It is crucial to keep an open dialog in this regard with your online seller.

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