Cardboard Packaging Reached a New High level of packaging

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard Packaging Reached a New High level of packaging

Cardboard packaging has created wonders more than our expectations. It has taken packaging to a new high level which was never possible before. Previously, dull brown cardboard boxes were used for the packaging of products. But the businessmen have realized the fact that the customers do not give a second chance to the products which look unattractive. Custom packaging boxes have solved this issue. By using highly attractive custom printed boxes, you create a unique look every time. No matter how many direct competitors your product has, but the use of custom cardboard boxes can make it stand out on retail shelves.

Cardboard Packaging – The Best Solution:

Some of the people may still think that plastic is great. Just put a branded label, produce the packaging is cheap and store your product for long. But it’s a truth that plastic is one of the greatest disappointments in the packaging industry for years. Cardboard is a new solution to address your every kind of packaging needs. Custom cardboard boxes have extraordinary qualities have made it acquire a unique place in the packaging sector. They are durable and strong enough to provide ultimate protection to various items. The custom boxes made from cardboard provide a great aesthetic display making them inspiring for the customers. They can be readily converted to custom packaging boxes for products, shipping or subscription boxes, gift boxes and forms of packaging according to customer’s requirements. Their ease of customization and storage has taken them to another level. 

New Trends in Packaging Industry towards Eco-Friendly Boxes:

The modern business entrepreneurs have learned that plastic only ruins the environment. They have become more concerned about environmental sustainability; therefore most of them have switched towards an eco-friendly solution. The custom boxes made from cardboard are the most sustainable form of packaging. They can be easily reused, recycle and dispose of. Even the researchers and market experts believe that recycling the cardboard saves tons of energy and prove beneficial for the environment. It reduces the landfill and saves a number of trees. Moreover, it increases your brand image that the business is highly concerned about environmental sustainability. It’s the reason why various companies are turning towards eco-friendly cardboard boxes.

Different Layers of High-Level Packaging:

When it comes to a high-end product packaging, it has three layers. Cardboard is such a versatile material which can be perfectly used for all the three packaging layers. These levels of packaging re-explained below:

  • Primary packaging:

The package which encloses the actual commodity is called primary packaging. It remains attached with the product until the consumer has used it completely. The main purpose of the primary package is to keep the product safe and make it last longer. Cardboard is a good material to be used as a primary package. For example, the food and beverage containers, soap boxes, the packaging of household products are designed from cardboard.

  • Secondary packaging:

Secondary packaging is a layer of covering which is added to the primary packaging to enhance its protection. Another reason for its usage is branding display, logistic and storage purpose. When the product is to be consumed, the secondary package is taken off and disposed of. Cardboard boxes serve good to create a secondary package due to its durability and sturdiness. It is usually printed with a high finish to display branding and design well. It also plays an integral part in the marketing of the brand. If we take the example of toothpaste, a toothpaste tube is the primary package and the cardboard box used to place the tube inside is a secondary package.

  • Tertiary packaging:

The tertiary package is also known as a shipping package or outermost package. It facilitates the handling and transportation of a number of sales unit to ensure ultimate protection. It saves the products from external pressure or jerks during loading and unloading. This packaging is rarely seen by the consumer as it’s normally used by manufacturers and retailers for storage and transition. It makes the items identifiable. It is extremely necessary for the products to be stored for long. Large cardboard boxes or corrugated cartons are the most common type of tertiary packaging.

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