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Difference between Seedbox vs VPN?

Seedbox vs VPN

Technology has helped us give the best to the world. Today we often hear about a new invention, new software being launched, a new tool or gadget being introduced to the world. Online activities have increased manifolds with the need for online data transfer, reporting and data management. With this online revolution came the need of keeping the data secure and safe from online intruders. We often come across the news of hacking and security breaches on the internet. Bitcoin which was claimed to be unhackable lost $70 million in a hack. Therefore, if you are into for a security tool for the web, you can look up to a seedbox and a VPN.


A seedbox is a server connected to high-speed internet where we download huge files. We get a share of a remote computer and use it to download files. Whatever request we send in to download the server does accordingly. Thus, a seedbox acts as a middleman allowing us to download the file from the server through HTTPS connections, and such. We can download and upload digital files and documents in our personal computer anonymously with a seedbox.

Seedboxes provide complete security while downloading torrents. No record of torrent uploads or downloads between a user’s computer and the host seedbox server can be found. When all torrents download are conducted on the seedbox server, the bandwidth on a user’s home network is cleared.

Things you must consider before getting a Seedbox

  • See if it allows SFTP, HTTP, or FTP.
  • See if it provides a VPN.
  • Seedbox does not work in different server locations.

Features and Benefits of a Seedbox

It allows users to download and upload torrents 24/7. The computing capabilities of seedboxes are truly remarkable. They allow torrent users to connect to a 1Gbps network with unlimited bandwidth while offering up to 3TB of storage.


It stands for Virtual Private Network and is a user-friendly security tool. A VPN encrypts the internet through a tunnel and connects it to another server, thus changing the IP address. For instance, say you are in China and you connect to a US-based VPN, you are now free to use all those websites that are blocked in your present area.

After connecting to a VPN server, it is impossible for anyone to detect your real IP address. Therefore, you can browse or use torrent anonymously protecting you from public Wi-Fi mishaps and personal information leaks.

Things you must consider before buying a VPN:

You have to choose among the tons and tons of providers available. Here are a few things you need to look after:

  • See if it allows torrenting.
  • Go for a VPN that does not keep any logs of your activity.
  • The number of server locations being offered.
  • Also see the speed, kill-switch feature, and the rest.

Unlike seedboxes, VPNs are not dedicated servers. They connect at least two, if not more, remote locations. It helps create a private network over what would otherwise be a public, unsecured network.

Features and Benefits of a VPN

VPN provides complete anonymity on the internet. If somebody tries to trace your web traffic, they would find the IP address of the VPN destination, not your personal computer. A VPN reroutes the web traffic, allowing one to work on an IP address in another country. VPNs are very good for businesses as well. Businesses which have offices spread over a number of countries and have employees working remotely can benefit from using a VPN. Employees can access company data on private servers through VPN. It offers complete encryption for all web activity.

Seedbox vs VPN

The general functions and purposes of a seedbox and a VPN are different.

Seedbox Pros and Cons


  • Provides security while downloading torrents
  • No one will see your IP address when working online
  • download and upload speeds are very fast
  • availability of large amounts of storage space
  • we use personal bandwidth while transferring the torrent to the pc, not when downloading the torrent itself


  • useful only when you’re working with torrents
  • Not great for global businesses who are looking to connect employees
  • download takes place in two stages – one from the seedbox, and then the file is transferred to your computer

VPN Pros and Cons


  • Encrypt traffic while working on the internet
  • IP Address is completely hidden
  • It Spoofs the IP address making it appear as if you’re working from another location
  • The remote clients can share files easily
  • Can be used globally defying the geo-restrictions


  • Can’t use them to download torrents because of the restrictions
  • the internet speed is not reliable; sending your internet traffic through another server can slow speeds down
  • If you’re not connected to it, it’ll detect your real IP address.

Which Option is Best for You?

Both a seedbox and a VPN are beneficial and which one to choose depends on what do you want to accomplish online.

If you basically want to access torrents, without thinking further you can go for a seedbox. Unlike VPNs, it offers privacy and speed while using torrents. VPNs go well in case of the average users. It protects identity and gives an extra layer of security while online. In case, if you want to go for Seedbox, then you can check out the best cheap seedbox to know about the best cheap services available in the market.

Why not get both?

There’s no need for both. While working with torrents, seedbox provides all of the security you need, and there is no need for further encryption.  A seedbox is not needed if you’re not with torrents. A VPN alone will handle your security issues online.

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