Everything you need to know about best cruelty free concealer

Planned to get ready for an occasion?

But, depressed of the pimples and acne on your face. Don’t need to worry as a concealer; a great cosmetic component is the solution of your problem. Apply the concealer to effectively hide the red spots, acne, and pimples.

Concealer is now available in the market in a lot of forms in stick, cream, liquid, and so on. It’s up to you to apply the right concealer in faultless right method. If not then it will show the cakey impact on makeup.

Cream concealer

The cream concealer is best for the women with dry skin. It can conceal the whole face smoothly with full coverage. It can be applied simply beneath the eyes for dark circles, pimples, and blemishes.

Stick concealer

It is highly pigmented and more nourishing as compared to cream concealer. It is best for the women with dry skin and is for whole coverage. It is perfect for treating blemishes and under eye circles and making them light.

Liquid concealer

It is great to cover the freckles and is light-pigmented. They are usually used for medium coverage. They are best for women with oily skin.

Confused about the coverage?

  • If you want to hide the pimples, red spots, acne, and dark shadows then you need a concealer with full coverage.
  • If you want to hide only freckles or lightly pigmented areas, then you have to go for the medium coverage concealers
  • Moreover, light coverage concealers are available in the market. They are usually used for the contouring purpose.

Important things to know about cruelty free concealer

As a matter of fact, we all use concealer. But unfortunately, very few people know how to make the best use of cruelty free concealer. Therefore, before applying the concealer, consider some key points that are discussed below.

The main purpose of the concealer is to mask the unpleasant pimples and blemishes. If the concealer is applied in the right way then it is very best for our beauty or else, it will give the disgusting appearance. Therefore, follow the below key points and make the best use of concealer.

Cruelty free concealer can be used for different purpose. They can be used to hide dark circles, pimples, spots and much more.

For under eye circles

Use the concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply a small amount of the concealer and gently blend it with the ring finger. It will brighten the dark circles under the eyes. This gives your eyes a fresh and glowing look.

To cover the red area around your nose

To cover the red area around the nose that looks awful apply the green concealer on the area. Blend it thoroughly. You will note the certain difference before and after.

Hiding the blemishes

Apply the small amount of concealer on the area that has blemishes. Now gently cover the spots. You will notice the covering of the spots. You can’t even get such best results by applying the foundation in that area. Applying concealer will also give you beautiful natural blaze.

Tip to apply the concealer in the right way

Every woman wants to look pretty and beautiful. If you also want to look fresh and glamorous than use the best cruelty-free concealer. Wait. Not only this. Using the best cruelty-free concealer is not the only key point. The next step is to use the best concealer in the right way. After using the concealer in the right way your skin will look fresh and shiny. For this, follow the below guide:

Foundation first

Always apply the foundation before the concealer. In this case, the little amount of the concealer is needed. Be careful to match the tone of both the concealer and the foundation according to your skin tone to have the perfect smooth base.

Concealer on cheeks

Always apply the concealer on the cheeks in the triangle shape method. In this way, the concealer gives your cheek the uplift effects and hides the flaws of the skin.

Concealer as primer

Apply a concealer as a primer on your eyelids. By applying the concealer the eye shades will settle smoothly and will not fall off or looks cakey.

Concealer before lipstick

If you want your lipstick or lip gloss to stay for a long time or refrain it from spreading then blend a small amount of concealer on your lips. By doing this your lipstick will remain for a long time and in addition, gives glossy and chubby looking lips.

Concealer for puffy eyes

Make a mixture of concealer, highlighter, and cream. Apply it on the puffy eyes .it will perfectly hide your puffy eyes

Contouring concealer

For contouring, your face applies a concealer that is two shades darker than your skin tone. It will perfectly conceal the hollow spaces of your face. Therefore enhance a natural freshness on your face.

Correct colour concealer

  • Apply green concealer for hiding the red patches.
  • Peach tone concealers to lighten the blue dark under eye circles.
  • Yellow tinted concealer to fix the uneven skin tone.
  • Purple tone concealer to hide the fade and pale complexion.

Things to remember while using cruelty-free concealer:

  • Always apply the concealer shades matching with your skin tone. Otherwise, it will not blend perfectly with your skin tone.
  • Apply the concealer in the small concentration. Otherwise, it will give your makeup the orange patches.
  • Apply oil free concealer on the oily skin type to avoid the allergic reactions.
  • Apply the concealer that is perfect for your uneven skin tone. Try to take help from the makeup consultants in this regards.

I hope that after following the above mega guide you can use cruelty free concealer properly and in the right way. So, before wasting any further time choose the best cruelty free concealer and live a glamorous life.

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