Flor Patisserie for Cake Delivery in Singapore


Singaporeans are biophile and believe in living their lives to the fullest. They leave no stone unturned in making all the occasions special. As Singapore is a true foodie’s paradise, all their celebrations are incomplete without a cake. Singapore has the world’s best cake patisseries to quench your cravings for cake.

In recent years, the demand for cakes with unusual flavor combinations has increased among cake lovers. Among different classic flavors such as mango, chocolate, strawberry, kaya and many more, flor cake is stealing the hearts of cake lovers.

‘Flor’ is a Portuguese word for flower. Flor cake is styled as flower and it is a Japanese-styled patisserie infusing Japanese baking techniques into the classic French pastries. Order alluring cakes and tarts to add sweetness to your parties, celebrations, and special occasions from one of the renowned flor patisseries in Singapore, Cheese Haus.

Cheese Haus uses fresh and the finest ingredients to give an unbeaten taste to their cakes and pastries. Founded in 2014, Cheese Haus carefully selects premium ingredients that do not contain gelatin, rennet, meat products, and alcohol. They also provide pickup/delivery options for consumers to relish their freshly baked cakes and pastries on the same day.

Service at Cheese Haus

Cheese Haus provides free cake delivery for orders $80 & above. They have a range of flor patisseries, cakes for each occasion. They have good product knowledge.


Our rich flavored and highly premium ingredients in the desserts give a unique appearance to the cakes and other confectionery items.

Appealing and Colorful Pastries and Cheesecakes/Cupcakes
An impeccable range of sponge, light, and fluffy Japanese-style patisseries is available within your budget.

Captivating Mini Tarts
The mini-sized tarts are a real hit at parties. They are filled with pecan pie to make pecan tassies, or lemon curd to make lemon pies.

An Array of Desserts

You can ask to deliver flor patisserie at your location or self-pickup by browsing their confectionery items. Cheese Haus offers the following desserts:

  • Japanese Hokkaido Milk Cheesecake
  • Japanese Pandan Cheesecake
  • Japanese Lychee Cheesecake
  • Chocolate Tarts
  • Lime Tarts
  • Hershey Mini Cupcakes
  • Strawberry Mini Cupcakes
  • Hershey Mini Cupcakes
  • Sea Salt Butter Cookies (eggless)
  • Almond Crackers (eggless)

There is no better place to visit other than Cheese Haus Patisserie in Singapore when your cravings for cakes kick in. This patisserie is the one-stop place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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