Follow These Advanced SEO Methods To Boost Search Ranking in 2020


While writing content you need a content strategy. Similarly, to get rank on the search engines, you need the best SEO techniques. You can relate this with programming but it does not include any type of coding. It has its own importance and it represents how your product or website comes on the top of the search engine and not only this but the traffic should be authentic. 

It is not that simple as it sounds. Many people think that overusing keywords and having different product pages can help them to beat the competition. If it would have been that easy to perform, then SEO has no value. 

Whatever niche you have chosen does not matter. You have to beat the competition and for that, you should know some unique techniques for 2020. You do not have to find it because we have collected some of them and mentioned them in this blog. 

Are you all set? 

Advanced SEO techniques to improve your site ranking

Before we jumped directly into the concept, many of you may be new to this concept. Let’s understand the basic definition of SEO and then move further…

SEO: It is known as Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of increasing the quality as well as quantity of website traffic by boosting the visibility of your page or website on the desired search engine. 

  • Techniques 
  • Bucket Brigade

You might hear this term before. There is no issue, read further to know what does this BUCKET BRIGADE MEANS. 

For any website, retaining the timing of the visitor depends. Suppose users came and within a few seconds he/she left the website. This is what we call LATTER and it has a big impact over your ranking. It is important to identify the reason. 

Now, bucket brigade plays an important role. It is a copywriting technique that will engage your readers. 

Let’s understand this with the help of a practical example…

Whenever you write the content, your main objective is to create a link of the first line to the next one. In this similar way, one paragraph should introduce the line of thoughts in the succeeding paragraph. 

The best way to connect one paragraph to another is while ending the end part of the first one, try to use short sentences like isn’t, right? Look: and many more such small words. It will drag the users’ eyes automatically to the next one. 

  • Keep update the website content

You know that writing content is one of the crucial parts of SEO techniques. But writing the content should not be an ultimate goal. It would be better if you update the content. People always look for the latest news and update. 

With this technique, you can attract more visitors with less content. And once you hit the trending topic, then it will automatically boost the technique. 

  • Eminence Backlinks 

A quality backlink can generate a good number of quality visitors. You can make this from guest posting. But you should track your all coming links because many backlinks may affect your domain. If you want to search for them, you can easily find this website on Google. 

  • Examine the Website’s SEO

Many such situations occur where people fail to find where the mistake is. For identifying that you have to take a while and have to do the research. In this, try to find out the pain sides and recover the theme as soon as possible. 

We know that it sounds like an old technique. You should know that this one is an evergreen method but still many website SEO experts overlook. But remember one thing that this small way can help you a lot. 

  1. Internal links 

Bring users to your homepage is not an ultimate goal. The main objective should be “INCREASING THE TIME”. It means that users should spend more time on your website. And it is only possible when you use proper internal links. 

The main motive behind this is to connect one article to another. But it should look genuine, and spamming the content with multiple linking is not a good choice. Try to use only two to three links per article or according to your needs. 

  • Use broken links method

There is many such popular websites where the fact is representing without any proper source. Here, you can take benefit from it. Suppose you have seen a broken link on Wikipedia and now, try to write the content related to it. 

After that, you can provide a link to that. You cannot do this directly you have to wait for the approval. Once, they verify it, and then you can generate more quality traffic. 

There is one problem that you might face i.e. EXPERTISE. If you are running a small business, then you have to hire a professional for that. If you are running a business with a strict budgeting plan, then you have to take some external help. 

You can choose an investor or a loan. Attract the investor is a bit difficult and time-consuming task but LOAN can provide you instant help. Many private lenders in the UK offer loans for a specific duration such as 12 month loans. With this, you can easily manage the expert’s cost and bear businesses’ expenses too.

You can see how important SEO technique is. The most important thing is that you have to change the method after a certain time. Follow the above-mentioned tactics that will surely help you in 2020. All the best!

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