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Foods that Control Diabetes and Its Importance

Foods To Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a common issue, and one must be on guard if it runs in the family. It is a known fact that diabetes can be avoided or at least controlled with the help of regular exercise and a strict diet. While many people might not get the time to exercise, diet must not be ignored. There are several foods that needs to be avoided by a patient who has diabetes and certain foods that control it. Given below are some of the best foods recommended by every dietitian for diabetes management.

Fatty fish

One of the healthiest foods in the world, fatty fish such as salmons, herrings, sardines, mackerels, and anchovies are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. This is important for people who have diabetes as they have an increased risk of stroke and heart diseases.


Several studies on garlic have shown reduced blood sugar levels among other health benefits such as reduce blood pressure, reduced inflammation, and lower LDL cholesterol.


Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity to a great extent. But one must have cinnamon too much as its overdose may give rise to other health issues.


Turmeric is widely known for its healing properties. Turmeric contains curcumin which lowers blood sugar level while also reducing heart disease risks. Moreover, this curcumin is beneficial to the kidney’s health for the people who have diabetes.


One of the most nutritious vegetables, broccoli helps in lowering insulin levels. It also protects the cells from harmful free radicals which are produced during metabolism. Moreover, broccoli helps prevent eye diseases.


Researches show that certain nuts lower blood sugar level and reduces inflammation as well. Walnuts, in particular, can reduce weight. This is beneficial as obesity is linked to diabetes.


The lignans found in flax seeds can improve blood sugar control and decrease the risk of heart diseases. They are also show found to reduce inflammation.

These are some foods that can control diabetes to a large extent. The best nutritionist in India will suggest a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet can manage not only diabetes but also prevent it.

Why is a healthy diet necessary for diabetes management?

It might take some time to get rid of all the junk food and food rich in sugar, but it must be done at any cost. One cannot expect an efficient output by merely relying on diabetes medicines. The things one consumes, and how it is consumed can make a significant impact in keeping the blood glucose level in range. Make sure that the blood pressure and cholesterol is also checked for constantly to avoid more complications.  It is also of utmost importance that one maintains their weight. Being overweight or obese can lead to diabetes and several other health-related issues. A dietitian can assist one in achieving this goal as well.

Make sure to take small steps and start dieting by making minute changes to the diet plan. Keep adding changes to the diet plan as time progresses and the individual gets used to it. It is very important to understand that having a healthy diet and lifestyle can not only show exceptional changes in the sugar level but helps one lead a healthy and long life.

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