Guide to Maharashtrianjewellery and its Prevalence in Modern Society


Jewellery has always been a significant part of every Indian woman’s wardrobe since time unknown. Since ages, it has been a depiction of womanhood and has been adorned in uncountable shapes, designs and forms. Women dressing with their finest ornaments do not just signify the importance of an occasion. There is an ocean of sentimental values attached to it.

Maharashtra is an epitome of tradition and values and an amalgamation of cultures as old as time. Every Maharashtrian occasion is an elaborate display of these traditions. The women are always seen to be decked up in classic Maharashtrianjewellery and attire that speak of their rich cultural heritage.

Maharashtrian ornaments and their importance to Indian women

Unlike the pre-historic times, jewelleryis now made from every precious metal known to mankind. Starting from platinum to diamond to exotic stones the list is endless. But the beauty and appeal of traditional Maharashtrian jewelleryare unmatched.

Apart from accentuating a woman’s beauty, jewellery holds a special place in every woman’s heart. Especially the ones handed down to them from their ancestors through their mothers, mother-n-laws, and so on are a prized possession to them.

A Maharashtrian lady’s traditional attire is always incomplete without the drapes of paithanisaris and traditional gold ornaments. India is a country of numerous cultures and their respective values. Pieces of jewellery from each of those backgrounds speak of their glorious past and their significance.

Below are some of the most highlighted pieces of such jewellery that women simply cannot do without-

  • A Nath- Just like the chandrakor bindi and paithani sari, a nath is one of the essential additions to every Maharashtrian women’s traditional attire. It is worn on all auspicious occasions like pujas and weddings.They are popularly created with pearls. In addition to this, they also bear pink and white studs to complement the understated appeal of the pearls. The exclusivity of a Maharashtrian nath completes the women’sethnic look.
  • Mohan mala– This is another piece of ornament which is truly exclusive to the Maharashtrian culture. Although these too, are worn in weddings and other such events, Maharashtrian women consider them as a part of their daily accessories as well. These are layered and gold-beaded necklaces that are available in varying lengths to cater to different preferences.
  • The Thushi- Thushi is a popular Maharashtrian ornament. These are obtained in unique choker pattern with golden beads woven very closely to offer an elaborate look.They are provided with adjustable tassels for convenience and comfort.
  • The Vaaki- Unlike the others in the list, this one is an arm accessory. This armband variant of jewellery is popularly called a ‘baseband’ in the Maharashtrian culture. This piece of the ornamentis made out of studded stones and gold wires of 24-carat which gives it a rich traditional dimension.

The list of Maharashtrian jewellery is endless. Women adorning themselves with these ornaments not only do it to enhance their beauty but also to uplift their roots and traditional aspects. These pieces of jewellery are hands-down some of the vital elements of every Maharashtrian bride-to-be’s trousseau.

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