Homemade Ant Killer That Won’t Harm Domestic Animals

Harm Domestic Animals

Do you have domestic animals and ants both living in your home? And you want to get rid of the ants without harming your loving domestic animals? Pesticides and even some natural remedies are not your solution then. However, you need not worry as there are numbers of homemade ant killer that won’t harm your pets and animals.

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1. Using Cider: A long trail of ants is never a pleasing sight in your house. And the best way to remove the sight is to destroy the ant’s nest. But destroying them is time-consuming so an immediate step might be the solution. At first mix 50-60 ml of apple cider vinegar with a water in a sprayer. Then spray it near the ant’s colony. Any ant coming in touch with it will die. You might get the same result using dish-wash soap and water solution.

2. Cornmeal: Cornmeal is easy to get in nearby stores and effective against ants. It is because ant’s digestive system isn’t made for cornmeal. So, pour a handful of cornmeal around their colony and wait. Once the ants will eat them, their stomach will expand resulting in their death. Cornmeal is absolutely harmless for your pets.

3. Sprinkling Black Pepper: To stop ants from coming into your home area, sprinkle black pepper around the corner and edges of your house. Ants don’t cross black pepper due to its chemical effect but it doesn’t harm your pets and domestic animals.

4. Borax: Put a handful of Borax in a small container and place it where ants might attack. Borax is a complex Borate mineral which prevents ants crossing the area without doing any harm to your pets and domestic animals.

5. Mint: Humans like the scent of mint but ants hate it like anything. They don’t even come close to mint. So, here is your solution. Put some mints across different places of your home and get rid of ants.

6. Flour: Like cornmeal, flours are indigestible for ants. So, applying them easily kills ants without doing any harm to your pets.

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Pursue the indoor or open-air trail of ants to decide how the ants enter your home and where their home is found. Cover the section focuses so the ants can’t get into your home. Caulk breaks and hole in the establishment of your home, or utilize a spot of oil jam or a bit of pipe tape to seal them.

Vacuum up any ants in your home, and thoroughly wash with cleanser water any surfaces they have strolled upon. This disposes of the pheromone trail they abandon, which they use to discover their way back to the nourishment source they’ve focused on.

Heat water in the metal tea kettle to the point of boiling, and empty the water into the subterranean insect settle. Pour the water gradually and close the ground, so that doesn’t splatter on your legs. Ward off kids and pets while you do this. It will take around 3 gallons, so be set up to make a couple of excursions forward and backward, however bubbling water is more secure to convey in a tea kettle than in an open pot. Do this on a cold, radiant day, so the majority of the ants are close to the surface of the home. The boiling water will right away execute all ants it contacts. Rehash to demolish every one of them.

Ant’s are always a nuisance in our home. These homemade ant killers are reportedly effective against ants and don’t cause any harm to your domestic animals.

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