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How Social Media Agencies Are Busting the Typical Marketing Myths

Social Media Agencies

The past decade has made social media platforms an extremely significant business point for numerous companies. That’s because 3.2 billion people are using social media currently over the world and its number is increasing by a whopping 13% every year.

These statistics are influencing the strategies and decisions of marketers. Consequently, numerous social media agencyis on the rise to help companies reach their target audiences via these platforms. However, specific misconceptions are prevalent among many business owners still now and are blocking their road of success. That’s why some of those agencies decided to bust the myths associated with social media marketing.

Myth#1: Many conventional businesses strongly believe that their customers are not on social media.

Fact#1: Statistically speaking, Facebook has active users that exceed the mark of 1 billion. Twitter has almost 170 million of them,and the count is 100 million for Google+. Therefore, it is amusing to consider none of the customers of a particular business owner is a part of such a massive social media population.

If not in any of those three aforementioned platforms, then they must be using other social networks like YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora, ThirdAge, Meetup, etc.

Myth#2: Social networks are nothing but marketing tools.

Fact#2:Many people take it overboard with the social media promotions without understanding that it often backfires and turn audiences off. That’s why social media agency suggests companies take it slow with the promotion or pitching of their products.

Social media marketing agencies conducted researches concerning what annoy internet users most about brands and what drives their decision of unfollowing them. Most respondents indicated that the efforts to over-promote brands lead to a decline in followers.

Myth#3:Let’s join all social media networks NOW!

Fact#3:Marketers have to research and get comprehensive knowledge of all social media platforms before setting up profiles. That’s because the target audiences of that company may or may not be on that platform where it has opened up an account. It will be a complete waste of time as well as money. Thus, the best way is to identify the marketing activities that will yield maximum results before singling out the most suitable option.

Myth#4:Companies try to get only potential customers as their followers and fans

Fact#5:Having quality audience is essential for all social media accounts. But, it doesn’t imply that companies will undervalue the effects of larger social reach. Let’s see some of the important pointers in this regard:

  • More followers suggest that a business can gain access to their followers. This helps in spreading the business effectively.
  • If readers share content, SEO improves and enhances visibility on social media platforms as well.
  • Having influencers can help in transferring their associates.

Myth#5:Social media necessitates quick and immediate responses

Fact#5: Speedy responses are appreciated, yes. But, it is not necessary that an account has to respond immediately or pages will lose followers. Getting back to them is more than enough! It is unhealthy for businesses to hold such misconceptions for social media, especially when it has the power to draw more customers. Thus, seeking the help of social media agencycan further promote brands to their potential customers.

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