How To Apply Perfume On Clothes?

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We all have worn perfume on our clothes once in a while. Although it is said that one should not apply the perfume on clothes, perfume users around the world have been doing it diligently all around the world. Sometimes unknowingly, while the other times deliberately, this use of perfume is quite common. You should not apply perfume on the clothes since it does not allow the perfume to reveal its true notes. Your perfume comes alive when it touches the skin, its fragrance molecules merge with the pheromones released from your body. These pheromones are as unique as your own DNA, giving a unique touch to the fragrance. This is the reason why every perfume smells different on different people.

However, a wrong practice, there are times when you have to apply perfume on the clothes to make the most of it. If you have to do this, here are some tips that will help you in getting the best results out of it,

  • Choose the right fabric: If you are going to apply your Louis Cardin perfumes on your clothes, make sure to do it on the right fabric. Some of the fabrics like cotton, muslin, linen, wool and so on are able to absorb and hold the perfume for a long time. Apart from this, you must avoid it on other fabrics. You can also apply it on blended fabrics of cotton, khadi, jute, nylon, and so on for best results. These fabrics can retain perfume as long as 10 hours hence when you have to stay out for long hours or are on a business trip, this trick can help in making the perfume long lasting.
  • Avoid applying on delicate fabrics: Some people tend to apply perfume on every clothes, which can lead to damage, to the fabric. Some fabrics like silk, georgette, crepe, velvet and such other expensive fabrics are not made for perfumes.
    The perfume will make them either disintegrate creating little holes in them or will leave nasty yellow stains. After spending a huge sum on these fabrics, you certainly do not wish to see them getting damaged. Avoid applying the perfume on expensive clothes like sarees, lehengas and such embroidered clothes as well. It can make them dull in no time.
  • Do the patch test for tint: To make sure that the perfume is free from any unwanted chemicals or tint that might harm the clothes, do the patch test. Take any inner corner of the clothing piece and spray the perfume on it. Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead with the perfume. For avoiding such situations, you should use high-quality international perfumes such as Louis Cardin colognes. These are free of any artificial tint and contain hypoallergenic chemicals if any present.
  • Keep it to 2 sprays: Since your clothes will be holding the perfume for a long time, applying too much perfume can be a bit much. Avoid this and stick to the 2-spray rule of perfume application. This is enough to give you long hours of fragrance. You can apply one spray at the front and one at the back and enjoy the scented pleasure.
    Apart from all these tips, you try to apply perfume on white clothes or light coloured clothes unless you are sure it is tint-free. Some cheap quality perfumes use tint in their composition and it can stain your whites and light coloured clothes. Use only high-quality international perfumes that are tint free if you want to smell amazing without any hassle. Order high quality perfumes and get the best feel out of it.

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