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How to Avoid and Prevent Memory Card Corruption


HIt’s not a question; memory card is the most common storage media people use to store data and important files. While you can get back the corrupted data using memory card data recovery software free, it’s good to take precautions to prevent it from getting corrupted. Remember, it’s not 100% assured that you will retrieve corrupted data. So in this article, you will learn how to avoid memory card corruption.

A memory card is the preferred media to store data because of the portability and convenience it provides. However, when it comes to memory cards corruption is inevitable. Various factors contribute to memory card corruption including power failures, virus or malware attacks or improper removal and more.

That’s why it is recommended to back up data regularly to other external storage devices. This way you can still access the data once the memory card is corrupted or damaged. Here are 10 ways to avoid memory card corruption.

  1. Do Not “Delete All” but Format the Memory Card

If your memory card is full and you want to clear all the photos, you might be tempted to “delete all”. While this will clear the photos from your memory card, it might cause problems in the future. That’s why it is recommended to format the memory card instead of deleting the photos. In fact, formatting the memory card helps to fix any disk errors that could have occurred while recording the photos.

  • Follow the Right Procedure When Removing the Card out of a Reader

Many people due to a shortage of time will just pull the card out of a reader even when it is connected to the computer. Remember, even if you are done using the memory card, there could be some other processes going on between the computer and the memory card. By using the eject function on the computer before pulling a memory card out of the reader, you will disconnect the communication between your memory card and computer and so it will not corrupt it.

  • Avoid Using Your Memory Card on Low Batteries

Oftentimes people use their cameras until the battery is depleted while taking pictures. This is one of the mistakes that could cause data loss and corrupt your memory card as well. Therefore, ensure to change the battery in case the one you are using runs low.

  • Do Not Just Pull Out the Card from the Camera

As mentioned above that you should use the eject function on your computer while removing the memory card from the card reader, you also need to turn off the camera first before you remover the memory card. Just pulling out the memory card while the camera is on could corrupt it and hence cause data loss.

  • One SD Card on One Device

Whether you are using the memory card on a computer, a smartphone or a camera, ensure you don’t use it on other devices. Remember, even cameras of the same models have different requirements. Using the same memory card on multiple devices could result in memory card errors.

  • Leave Some Extra Space on the Memory Card

Ever come across a memory card that has been filled with data until when you check it on a computer it shows a red color? That’s what most people don’t know and it can result in card errors and shorten the lifespan of the card as well. The best and most recommended way is to ensure you keep some extra space left on the memory card.

  •  Use High-Quality Card Reader

When transferring data from your camera to your computer and vice versa, you will definitely need a card reader. The card reader can facilitate corruption of the memory card too. That’s why it is recommended to use a high-quality card reader.

The Bottom Line

Getting back your data from a corrupted card is easy, especially with free SD card recovery software, but they say prevention is better than cure. The methods listed above can help to prevent and avoid memory card corruption.

The methods outlined above are the best practices to get used to when using a memory card. Chances are that memory card corruption has never occurred on you but remember it can occur at any time, so to keep yourself safe, always practice caution.

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