How to Make anything with Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are exciting things as you can make wonderful items with these. You can get these boxes that are recyclable as well. Therefore they can be reused without causing much harm to our precious environment. If you are feeling creative and have these boxes then you can make different things with them. Read on to find out more.

Packaging for products

A cardboard box can be very helpful to a business. This is because they can get cardboard boxes wholesale to package their products in. The packaging of products is something that is necessary. This is because they need to be put inside something that will keep them safe during their journey and also until they reach the customer. There are different packaging options that a business can choose from. One of these includes the use of a cardboard box. The benefit of using a box like this is that it is recyclable and you can protect the environment. When making packaging using a cardboard box, you need to consider different things:

Size- The size of the box is very important. You can measure the products that need to be put inside the box and get a box with a custom size which will keep your products safe. You do not want to use too much material on the box leading to waste and more costs when it comes to shipping. A huge box can lead to movement of products inside it and possible harm coming to them as well.

Color- You can personalize the box so that it looks good and draws people’s attention. Color can help you out here. You can choose those colors that match what you are selling. If you have products that are fun then you can choose bright colors. Light colors can be used on boxes for more sophisticated products.

Design- It is possible to print on a cardboard box. You can, therefore, have different images and designs on these. These should be things that will attract your customers and also show what your brand stands for. You can use cartoon images of products for children. If you are selling toothpaste you can have a fun cartoon tooth for instance.

Professionalism- To make the box have a professional touch you can add the logo of your company to it. If you do not have a logo you can consider creating one. There are some logos that are famous and you may know of them. This includes Coke, Colgate, etc. logos. If your brand sells some food item you may need to include the manufacturing, expiry date, ingredients, etc. Other details can also be printed on the box. This includes contact details of the business.

Other details- You can include other things to make the box stand out. If you are selling some food product, an idea is to include a delicious recipe that uses the product you are selling as an ingredient. On some product for kids, you can print a fun puzzle or game onto the box. The above are some ideas on how to use a cardboard box to make packaging for your products.

Cardboard box to ship products in

You can make cardboard shipping boxes as well. These boxes should be sturdy enough to safely transport your products. They need to be good boxes that will help keep your goods safe during the journey. You can look at corrugated cardboard boxes for instance over here. The box needs to be of the proper size as explained above. You may need to include some filler inside it to keep your product safe. This can be bubble wrap if it is suitable for the product. The shipping box can be designed to promote your business. You can make it considering the above details. You need to keep in mind that the box should be strong. A cardboard box can also be used to make other exciting things that you can keep in your home. You may have many of these boxes lying around and want to make something exciting with them. If this is the case then continue reading on.

A lovely handbag to play with

You can make a handbag that your kids can play with. Start off by cutting out only two handbag shapes from the corrugated cardboard. After this, you can add a 5” gusset consisting of thick kraft paper. Snip the edges of your gusset so as to wrap this around the curves. After this, you can glue it on using a strong glue. The sides of the bag can be reinforced using clear packing tape. When this has been done you can punch a hole. This should be on each side. Twist half of a pipe cleaner or maybe chenille stem so as to be able to make a loop. You can thread beads onto the chenille stem. About an inch should be left free on every end. Then twist the ends via the loops present on the handbag. This will be the handle. This exciting handbag can be decorated using paper and stick-on. Your kids can design it according to what they like. This is fun to make and looks chic as well.

Different playhouses

Playhouses can also be made using cardboard. Instead of throwing the boxes you have, let your kids make fun houses with them. These are also not tough to make. Windows can be cut on the side of the box. An area for the door can even be cut. You can insert a cardboard roof as well. Paint and decorate this how you want to. There are many things that can be made with a cardboard box. Some of these ar

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