How To Plan A Trip With Your Lover Without Going Over Budget

Valentine’s Day gifts

When you are in love, all you ever want is to spend some more time with the one that stole your heart and filled it with emotions and joy. The time spends together, talking with each other with romance at heart and flirt in eyes, communicating highs and lows, ups and downs, goals and dreams make the bond even stronger and captivating which is hard to break. More memories a couple in love create with each other, more they are drawn to each other with sentiments built with such fine feather that it is hard to break.

The only trouble is, in this busy lifestyle of today when work, career and ambitions have taken an utmost priority, hardly two lovers get time to spend together in the solitude of love when nothing around could disturb them. In order to escape this propagandist environment, usually love birds seek the shelter of beach, mountains, or any place that could take their mind away from all the hassle and let them focus on their beloved in an unparalleled way.

When it comes to planning a trip with loved one, it is easy to sway away with romanticism and plan a grand trip which could hit the pocket harder than it should and every other necessity takes the hit because of it. The only thing you need in this trip is undivided attention of one another and rest could be planned according to your wish and that too in a budget. This article enlists the ways in which you could save money and let love fly soar as high you wish.

1. Pool The Budget Money

Before looking for the flight tickets, fix a budget for the trip and pool that money. Make up your minds to spend the money from that pile of money only and not lay your hands on any other savings or bank accounts. This way will make sure that you don’t go overboard with spending and will also give an idea of vacation place you could visit.

2. Seek Couple Discounts Throughout The Trip

From flights to hotels, a number of companies offer couple discount which will allow you to save a hefty amount on this getaway and you could spend more on drinks and shopping without worrying much about your pre-decided budget.

3. Avoid Last Minute Booking

Please, and this is important! There is no way to travel cheaply if you are looking for flights or trains a night before you leave. Do yourself a favour and plan at least a fortnight ahead to save bucks on travel and commute.

4. Choose The Destination Wisely

If you are not amendment on a particular location, then the choice of destination alone could save a lot of trouble. Avoid a hill station in snowfall season to avoid the sky-high rates of hotels, taxis and tour bus. Travelling to a destination during the offseason could save you a substantial amount of your budget. Just make sure that you don’t upset each other arguing over the destination. Love comes first, money comes way after that!

5. Go Strict On Booze

Walk hand in hand in the lap of deep valleys of a mountainous area or have fun at the beach with sunny skies and refreshing mocktails in hand and spend some quality time with the love of your life instead of indulging in expensive booze, every day of the trip and having a sour headache and hangover next day. This way, you will miss most of the time snoozing and might even not remember the fun moments you had.

6. Shop What You Need

Girls, this might go out of hand and the only temptation which will be hardest to resist. Seeing all those beautiful clothes, shoes, artefacts and what not could make your heart run that way but please refrain from doing so. They might be cheap but spending on unnecessary items is not saving but spending extra which will definitely take you way over your budget and might irritate your partner. Instead, try to window shop and absorb the culture while whispering sweet what not in your partner ears that would leave him craving for more.

7. Ditch The Taxi/Local Cab

Local cabs and taxis that promises the whole tour and sight-seeing charge way more than they should. If you don’t mind driving, rent a car or two-wheeler for the entire trip. Renting on a package will save you more than expected and do I even need to tell you guys the romanticism in driving with your partner alone through heart stealing sights? It will be a memory you two couldn’t ever forget.

Find a way to each other heart while away from the unwanted noises of the world. The Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If you are still finding a way for a perfect Valentine gift for him or her, then this trip could be the one that you could gift each other. If not, then try sending a Valentine’s Day gifts to India as a surprise for him /her through a reputed gift portal. This will render them speechless and will also transpire your hearty feelings for them!

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