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How to Prevent Swimming Injuries?

Swimming Injuries

Swimming is a fun filled sport. Kids start practicing it from the pool floats days whereas there are individuals who take it on as a career and become professional swimmers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a recreational swimmer or a professional swimmer; there are certain swimming injuries that you have to keep in account.

Most swimmers focus on their techniques and speed and ignore the fact that just like all other sports, swimming is also quite demanding which means that you do put pressure and stress on your body. Your body is only equipped to handle a certain amount of pressure and if you overdo it then for sure you are going to suffer from swimming injuries no matter how good of a swimmer you are.

There are several types of swimming injuries but the most common ones includes back pains, shoulder pains and knee pain. In most cases the amount of time you spend training and the type of stroke or technique that you are practicing determines the injury that you might suffer from.

So let us look at ways in which you can reduce the risk of swimming injuries before you go in the pool. These tips will definitely help you prevent swimming injuries if you follow. Most of these tips are based on taking care of your body because if you don’t do that then you won’t be able to perform better in water as well.

1.     Warm up

Just like all other sports, it is very important to carry out a few exercises and stretches before you jump in the water. Athlete who do not warm up before and after the swim often tend to suffer from swimming injuries so your trainer will always ask you to warm up even it is only for a few minutes.

2.     Learn the technique

There are different ways or strokes that you can use to swim in the water. Each one is different from the other and is designed specifically to be safe for the swimmer so it is advised that you practice proper technique. Using a wring technique will put you at higher risk of swimming injuries. You might push a joint or a muscle too much so avoid using your own techniques and follow the professional ones.

3.     Focus on your entire body

Most people tend to only get certain parts of their body worked out before they go for a swim. Mostly arms and legs are focused on but swimmers forget that swimming is a full body workout and all of your muscles get worked up during training so it would be stupid to focus on only work on a few of them. Carry out exercises for each body part to keep your entire body fit.

4.     Keep a look out

It is important that you keep a look out for you surrounding when you go swimming in the pool or in the wilderness. If there are a number of people swimming with you then your chances of swimming injuries increase. So keep your eyes open and stay alert of all the surrounding dangers.

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