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How to Recover Eyebrows Gaps or Scars


It is normal to have scars and gaps in the eyebrows and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Because these scars and gaps can be either natural or due to an accident or unfortunate scarring. On the other hand, these gaps or scars are not problem at all and one can get on well with them perfectly. But many women tend to feel beware about these scars and might want to hide or cover them up. For this reason, the best option is to color the eyebrows in the right way so that this uneven appearance can be hidden.

Henna tint

Even threading, plucking or visiting salons can not provide any solution in treating and correcting the scarred or uneven eyebrows. This does not only lead to a waste of time and effort but also money. Then the question is, what can be done? Well, coloring them can be the perfect answer for this question. One can choose to color the eyebrows to give a deep and regular smooth color. In this way, you can color the brows in the desired shape while filling all the gaps and scars along the way. There are several options for coloring. However, henna tint for eyebrows is the best option among them. Because henna is the only natural option and it does not contain harmful chemicals that can harm your skin and hair. It also comes in various colors depending on the preference. You can choose the henna color kit according to your hair color choice.

Pick the right henna

There are several henna brands in the market. Sometimes, choosing one can be quite stressful since they all tend to promise the best for the customers. However, mina Ibrow henna tint is the best since it does not only stain the brows perfectly but also keeps the skin and hair safe. While choosing henna tint, it is important to check its composition and content. Make sure that the henna does not contain any ammonia, lead or chemicals as it can be heavily harmful for your skin and hair.

Good henna has some advantages like:

  • Nourishes the eyebrow hairs.
  • Provides the right type of color which will match with the eyebrows perfectly.
  • Covers the grey zones, scars, gaps, and unevenness perfectly.
  • Defines the eyebrows perfectly by adding extra style to the face.

How to color the eyebrows?

Getting henna tint eyebrows does not require salon visits. It can be applied at home easily. When you buy a henna kit, you will see that a detailed procedure for coloring is already provided in it. You will only need a bowl, spatula, eyebrow coloring brush, and the henna kit. Simply take the henna, mix out and apply it with the eyebrow brush through the desired area. However, a lot of patience and focus are required for this job to draw the brows perfectly. Also make sure that you do not apply the henna on any other part of the face. If so, it will leave a stain behind and might take a few days to go away.

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