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Latest Social Media Marketing Tips for Top Platforms Explained

Facebook continues to be the undisputed leader in terms of active users, and its user base shows the broadest representation of the U.S. population. Forbes even mentioned that Facebook marketing outshines any traditional advertising.

Other social media giants such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn get smaller, albeit still considerable shares of active users.

Successful social media marketing takes a lot of time and effort to manage. Hence, you’d want to choose only a few channels and really focus on them rather than go all out with half a dozen accounts that stretch your budget and patience too thin.

It helps to then know what the latest marketing tips are. Especially with the evolving nature of social media: are you still able to employ strategies that work?

Below, we break down the most relevant top marketing tips for each social media channel.


Facebook users are mainly there to connect with their peers, and not necessarily to shop. Hence, your marketing strategy shouldn’t feel too salesy. Key tips when marketing on Facebook includes:

  • Maximize the in-depth analytics

Facebook has a lot of useful targeting options for your paid ads, so make use of it in optimizing your efforts. Test different modes – regular advertising, sponsored stories, and promoted posts on your very own profile page. These all support your visibility, which can potentially encourage clicks from visitors.

  • Be conversational

According to, a B2B lead generation tool, you can establish a conversational tone on social media. Whether you run a B2C or B2B company, you should be more conversational. In doing so, you will find it easier to engage and interact with your audience. You can tell them what your brand is all about and why they should care.

  • Don’t sell

Instead of directly telling your audience to buy, reel them in with your authenticity.  

Social media marketing tools such as OptinMonster enable you to offer something valuable for free. You can even conduct a shared promo event with a fellow business.

This can be your way to gather sign ups and other conversion metrics from a wider set of relevant audience. You can then target (and retarget) those users in the future.


Twitter is an excellent social networking hub where you can engage and connect with your potential audiences and existing customers. At the same time, you can gain valuable information about your competitors and their strategies through this social media platform.

Here are a few tips for marketing on Twitter:

  • Research your social competitive landscape

Social media marketing tools such as Competitors app let you see what your rivals are doing on their blogs, newsletters, and Twitter channel through competitor monitoring. You will know what their most effective posts are and when they usually publish them. Through the app, you can even learn how they are educating and converting their leads.

  • Repurpose your best content

Whenever you’re running out of posts to share on Twitter, you can always repurpose your content. Find some of your most popular blog articles, and turn them into more compelling forms of content such as explainer videos, infographics, graphs, and so on.


LinkedIn is a social network created specifically for professionals looking to connect with each other. It is a good platform to communicate with potential customers as well as peers with a similar bent of mind. The channel can be useful for building relationships with other professionals to grow your business.

  • Market with video content

Videos are the future of online marketing – and LinkedIn is an incredible platform where you can maximize its full potential. Compared to other forms of content, LinkedIn videos are five times more likely to start a conversation.  

Just remember to keep them short and make it capture viewers’ attention in the first few seconds. Add subtitles for users who prefer watching videos with the sound off. And finally, strive for authenticity.

  • Publish long-form blog articles

About 45% of LinkedIn users who read articles are high-level decision makers. Publishing valuable content on this platform helps you win the favor of entrepreneurs who can fuel. your business’ growth. Plus, it makes you an authoritative figure in your niche.

If you run a WordPress blog, you can auto-publish posts to your LinkedIn profile. Wpbeginner compiled a list of the best social media plugins for your blog. This includes Buffer, which allows you to add your blog posts to your Buffer account, and then schedule them to be published on LinkedIn or your other social media profiles. also encourages adding social media icons to your WordPress blog to improve your content marketing game. This makes it easier for your audience to follow you on their preferred social media platform, including LinkedIn.


Sometimes, Instagram’s visual-centric nature intimidates businesses.

Before you say Instagram isn’t for you, take a look at the statistics: 1 billion people are on Instagram. About 500 million of them log in every day. Nearly 72% of users have purchased a product they saw on the platform.

Here, you can reach out and engage with the very people who’ve kept visual content in the spotlight over the past few years. Here are some key tips for marketing on Instagram:

  • Create content themes

Consistency is key when it comes to developing visual content. Unless you have an entire team of designers and marketers, producing engaging visuals on a day-to-day basis can be overwhelming. According to Venngage, about 34.8% of marketers struggle to create visual content consistently.

That’s why you should build content around themes. This way, you can create more content easily. You can schedule consistent and engaging posts for your audience on Instagram.

  • Make live videos

Live streaming is a trend that’s on the rise. The video live-streaming market became a $30 billion industry in 2016. It’s estimated to reach about $70 billion in 2021. However, a lot of people still seem to think that it’s only meant for video gaming.

That’s not true at all.

Anyone who wants to use a cost-efficient way of reaching thousands of new customers should care about live streaming. Aside from its growing popularity, it has a massive user base. You can leverage this to drive traffic and revenue.


With billions of active users on social media, marketers have a continuous mission to find effective ways to engage their target market and build a strong branding on different social media channels as well as their website.

Now, you have all the tools you need to flourish. Social media tools such as  enable you to create forms which audiences can use to rate and review your online services. You can use their feedback to improve your platform and digital strategies.

Social media marketing comes with a variety of challenges. So, if you want to succeed, focus on these tips. Eventually, your company should welcome more followers, improve sales, and see more growth.

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