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Leading Products and Safety Features: Helo’s Edge Over Competitors

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As the digital era moves forward, social media has a big role to play in making users enjoy the technological advances. This involves presenting users with leading products from time to time on one hand and keeping user safety intact, on the other. Here, Helo app, India’s leading regional social media platform has scored well on both the aspects which in turn have contributed to its popularity.

The Helo App, available in 14 regional languages including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati and others, already has a user base of 50 million Monthly Active Users since its inception in June 2018. Targeted towards  global desis, this localized visual platform lets users create, consume and share content in their own language, as well as connect on Helo with the like-minded community in India and abroad. Helo enables its users to post or share jokes, memes, wishes, quotes, status updates, shayari, Bollywood news etc., over a wide variety of subjects like Entertainment, News, Humour, Romance, Culture, Sports, Education, Health, Fashion and Lifestyle. Alongside Helo India, the app is available in countries with active Indian communities, like USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Bangladesh.

Amidst this digital explosion, a social media platform can stay ahead of its competitors, depending on the quality of its leading products. Helo has quickly reached the top spot amongst regional media players, riding on offerings like user-friendly online tools to create content in 14 Indian languages, or the repost feature. Moreover, powered by latest technologies like machine learning algorithm, the app also provides personalized content recommendations, that has been loved by users.

In addition, Alt News, a local, non-partisan fact-checking partner authority has been on boarded. There are also third party data storage partners, who store and handle the large mass of content from the platform. Helo works together with the AltNews to ensure authenticity of the news and trending topics shared on the platform. Sharing fake content or misinformation is therefore monitored as per stringent rules and violators can face investigation or proper action.

But when it comes to social media platforms, a prime concern is surely user safety through data protection. Considering this a priority, Helo has a host of security features, to safeguard its users from security breaches and cyber threats. Helo users can choose if others can comment on or share their content, lowering risks of content infringement. So, to stay safe, users would just need to know how to use the Helo app privacy features to protect their content.

Helo also empowers its users to moderate content on the platform, with an in-app feature to report the inappropriate and objectionable. It also has in place a set of strict guidelines to filter content with negative impacts on the community. Thus, objectionable content falling in the categories of defamatory, hate speech, sexually explicit topics, child safety infringement or cyber bullying are forbidden from the platform.

Riding on exemplary user-experience, thus, Helo has been able to create a special place among its users and has gained popularity as one of the leading vernacular social media app within just a year. With many more innovative product features and user safety measures on pipeline, Helo will certainly continue to reach new milestones.      

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