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#1 Article Guidelines

  • Article should be 100% unique and fresh.
  • Article Title should be 40 to 70 characters with appropriate meaning.
  • Article should contain at least 600 words (Six hundred words).
  • We accept max 2 external links within the “Article Body”. But, our moderators will review all the links, of course, if they find suitable, they will publish.
  • Minimum one link used on the previous relative article.
  • Cool images related to the article are highly recommended. We accept only royalty free images with the proper image credit.
  • Once your article is published to our website, you are not able to re-publish to anywhere.

#2 Be Care before Publishing

  • Use keywords title of the article.
  • Use keyword body of the article.
  • Use keyword 1st paragraph of the article.
  • Use keyword subtitle (H2 or H3) of the article.
  • Keep your paragraphs short and clear within article.
  • Use meta description 156 characters.
  • Use focus keyword.
  • Use Image Alt Attribute

#3 Why We Prefer High Quality Content for Guest Blogging helping you to promote your business or brand and reach more users. As you know content is king. If you will post high quality unique and informative content then search engines will love your content and it will get a high ranking which means more promotion your business or brand. Users love complete and informative articles. So if you want to contribute something, remember to do a good research and write clear, easy to understand articles.

#4 How We Can Help to Promote Your guest post

We always try to publish your post within 24 hours. But sometimes it will take some time, because so many contributors are in queue. Whenever your article will be accepted you will receive an email. We will also promote articles on linkedin, twitter, google plus, facebook and other social networks.

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** Before publishing article followed the above conditions Otherwise, your content and account both will be deleted.