Punjabi Wedding Is An Extravagant Affair Around The World

Marriage implies that regardless of the amount you esteem excellence, flawlessness, and social endorsement, that occasionally you may need to acknowledge that life is substantially less than “immaculate” than you had ever anticipated. Also, you might be astounded at the manners by which you sacrifice your initial assumptions regarding your accomplice – and marriage as an organization – just to keep the relationship together. Punjabi marriage is one of the lavish weddings in the country. Here are detailed functions performed before and after wedding:


Like the Roka function in Hindu Wedding, this occasion is said to be the initial step of the wedding. It is amid this festival, the two families meet at the bride’s home. Endowments are exchanged between the two families and desserts are disseminated.


This is a critical Sikh pre wedding function as amid this occasion; the date for the wedding is fixed by the relatives from the opposite sides. The word Taka intends to ‘set the date,’ this ceremony happens in the place of the bride.


It is an official commitment ceremony which happens either at husband to be’s home or in the Gurudwara. The rings are exchanged and furthermore the group of the bride offers Kara (Sikh bangle) to the lucky man. The ceremony starts with a short petition by granthi (Sikh Priest); trailed by putting a red scarf around the husband to be’s shoulder. Dried dates are then sustained to the groom by the granddad after which sustenance and beverages are appreciated by all.

Chunni Ceremony

This promising function is performed by mother of the groom who covers the leader of the bride with a red scarf or chunni which means that starting now and into the foreseeable future the lady to-be is in charge of maintaining the respect and pride of the groom’s family. The bride is likewise wears the garments and jewelry brought by her in-laws and the husband to be marks her head with sindoor or vermilion as an indication of duty. Desserts as shagun are likewise offered by lucky man’s folks to the group of the bride as endowments and acknowledgment of commitment. Endowments are likewise exchanged between the two family pursued by a great festival with a ton of music and move.

Maiya (purging and refining)

A five-day occasion, Maiya happens in groups of both bride and the husband to be. Amid this occasion, oil is filled the hair of the lady and lucky man with olive branches, and their bodies are kneaded with turmeric powder. Young ladies performing Maiya have red string or a string tied around their wrist; and a red scarf is held over the bride or groom’s head, which young ladies from the family alternate to hold while the conventional tunes are sung.


The ceremony denotes the tying of a red string on the left wrist of the bride and the correct wrist of the lucky man. Sikh matrimonial sites are growing at rapid pace in the world due to increasing Sikh population.

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