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Surface Cleaner for Gas Pressure Washer

Gas Pressure Washer

Cleaning is a tough work. Pressure washer and gas surface cleaner- two cleaning expert makes it easy. Both serving clean purpose is really handy and easy to handle equipment. Unfortunately, they don’t come together. This guide will help you to know how to attach a surface cleaner with a pressure washer and how to choose a perfect surface cleaner for a gas pressure washer.

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Gas pressure washers are designed to provide mobility and power for bigger cleaning tasks. A surface cleaner with a gas pressure washer lets us clean patios, sidewalks, driveways and parking lot with ease. You need to specifications and requirements of a surface cleaner for a gas pressure washer. These are-


PSI stands for pound square per inch indicates the amount of force being generated and released by the product. GPM and CFM respectively stand for Gallon per minute indicating the amount of water being released by the pressure washer and Cubic-feet per minute suggesting coverage area of a surface cleaner. Usually, a gas pressure washer with 2500-3500 PSI and 2-4 GPM is capable of holding a 4-10 CFM surface cleaner.


It stands for cleaning power units which are the multiplication of PSI and GPM. Suppose, a pressure washer has 2500 PSI and 3 GPM, then its CPU will be 7500.


Having an ideal diameter of a surface cleaner is a blessing. Normally, a 10-12 diameter works perfectly with a gas pressure washer.

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After you know these key specifications and have chosen the perfect surface cleaner for your gas pressure washer, you need to attach them together. You might follow these steps-

  1. Ensure that both surface cleaner and gas pressure washer are in working condition.
  2. Follow the guideline to find the place in your surface cleaner where gas pressure washer needs to be attached.
  3. Attachment procedure is pretty easy. Just hook up the pressure washer with your surface cleaner tightly.
  4. Make sure that the equipment is tightly connected unless dis-attachment during work might bring extra hazards for you.
  5. Connect the pressure washer with a power source and start cleaning.

Using a surface cleaner with gas pressure washer brings several benefits-

  1. Pressure washer normally cleans small places. Attaching a surface cleaner with it allows cleaning big spaces.
  2. A gas pressure washer takes time to clean. Using a surface cleaner with it stops time consumption helping you to save you time and energy.

You might be wondering about some key features while using surface cleaner for a gas pressure washer. These are-

  1. You might want to know about the possibility of using hot water with your surface cleaner. Please check the guideline of your surface cleaner if it is usable with hot water or not.
  2. Sometimes you doubt about maintenance of your surface cleaner for a gas pressure washer. You need not worry because it is built as an easy to maintain tool.

Surface cleaner for a gas pressure washer is a blessing. It makes cleaning easy and fun. You just need to attach the ideal surface cleaner with the gas pressure washer as guided here and start enjoying your cleaning.

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