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The Popular Music Downloading Apps On The Android Platform

Vidmate apps downloading

We are part of a music generation where music downloading apps and media consumption are at a breakthrough level. Well, nothing can be more assuring like have music right on to your device cast a blind eye to the effects of poor internet connections or even a long haul flight. Though there are a lot of paid services that allow you to download music on to your Android device some popular free ones are there. When you download music from these apps this is not going to cost you a single penny.

G Tune Music downloader

An oldie but still has gone on to retain its charm. This app searches millions of downloadable music in matching up to your queries of songs. Though the search options are rudimentary, it is better if you zero in the exact song you are looking for. Just get out there and download them at the earliest. Being blessed with its own search feature, it allows you to trim the songs and set them as your ringtone. Though it might sound a little bit basic, eventually it mounts up to a major package.


This play store blur seems to be a bit confusing, pointing to the fact that you need to be a member in order to enjoy this app. A better suggestion would be to ignore it, as it is ad-supported it allows you a plethora of old and new songs. Within each song, you have to option to download and even play the songs that you are looking to listen to. The unique feature is that it allows you to download songs as well.

This seems to be an app that is not that popular with Google and no surprises if it goes on to disappear from play store as you might have to download it manually


In some cases, the best apps for downloading music are the ones that were not dished out for the same. This app allows you to download YouTube videos in a number of formats and this includes audio. Since most of you might be aware YouTube is the best place in listening to music and because of this app, it is one of the best places to download music.

Google is not going to allow you to download this app as it might encroach on it. You could be even prompted to MP3 converter


A random search of ‘Vidmate apps downloading points to the numerous positive reviews of this app. On the Android app this is popular music downloading the app. suppose if you are coping up with internet issues and buffering might seem to be a problem. The best way to cope up with this situation is this app. The moment the internet connection is restored the downloading begins.

The beauty of this app is that you can download audio files in the desired quality along with the format of your choice. For all the services that the app offers it is free of charge.

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