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Top 10 Best iPhone Apps 2019

Top 10 iPhone Apps

If you were gifted a new iPhone or iPod Touch over the holiday season, here are a list of some of my top picks among the iPhone apps that I own.

Top 10 Best iPhone Apps 2019

For the Socialite…


This free application gives you full access to the worlds largest social network. This release is more complete than facebook apps on other mobile platforms, allowing you to upload, tag, and facebook stalk to your heart’s content. also,check out this DJ Liker Apk that easies to get lots of likes and comments on our Facebook pics

Tweetie 2:

Twitter may be the fastest growing social network of 2009. At $2.99 this app delivers all of your “tweets” in a lightweight interface; whether they be from CNN or Ashton Kutcher. For me, Twitter is a source of breakage news in technology. Some of the users I subscriber to include Yahoo Finance, AutoBlog, MacLife, Engadget, and ITPRO.

For the Technophile…

Rowmote Pro:

This $4.99 application turns your iPhone into a universal remote. This single application allows me to control 3 computers within my house, running any numbers of applications ranging from iTunes, Front Row, Boxee, iPhoto, Powerpoint, and more.

Orb Media:

Combined with an orb on your PC, this $4.99 application allows you to stream all of your music, movies, and photos, direct to your iPhone. Using this application, I have access to 400GB of media on my 8GB iPhone wherever I go.

For the Task Master…

Personal Assistant:

personal Assistant does what the name implies. This application tracks everything ranging from email to banking accounts, to social network and media accounts. Using Personal Assistant, I have one-touch access, to my checking and investment accounts, Netflix, Facebook, and Gmail. It even sends me an email to remind me when bills are due and if I will go over my cell phone minutes each month. $6.99

MotionX GPS:

Mobile phone and converged GPS devices are expected to displace standalone units in the near future. MotionX GPS gives you full navigation on the iPhone for the rock bottom price of 99cent. At this price, it doesn’t give voice-guided directions, but it allows for online points of interest and local search, fast performance, and will only take up 10mb on your device. Due to lack of GPS hardware, this application is not supported on the iPod Touch.

For the Gamer…

Metal Gear Solid Touch:

With some of the best graphics on the phone, Metal Gear Solid touch is easy to navigate, offers a good level of difficulty, and is an easily consumable extension of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. $5.99

Dance Dance Revolution:

Dance Dance Revolution is a classic button masher. Before there was a guitar hero or rock band, Dance Dance Revolution started it all. $4.99

For the Well-read…

GQ Magazine for iPhone:

Whether you can’t afford an eBook reader, or would just like to be green, GQ Magazine is the first magazine to get a full release for iPhone. The magazine makes full use of the color touchscreen and internet connectivity. Most stories give access to bonus online content and the ability to buy the items shown in its spreads. Best of all, it is a full copy of the newsstand edition at a cheaper price. $2.99/issue

Yahoo Finance Mobile:

Financial news can be had from any number of sources, but Yahoo Finance has by far the best interface of any news application I have tried. Get the latest stock quotes, and business news, customize your home view to include top stories, commodities, or just check your companies stock price. Best of all, Yahoo Finance is free.

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