Top 10 Crop Top Designs to Die For

Crop Tops for Girls

Crop tops have been trending for a while,and one can see why. Not only does it give a laid back look but it is also extremely comfortable. This deadly combination of style and comfort makes it worth the investment. One can carry this look effortlessly and still make a style statement. Whether it is for a party or a night out, crop tops are a women’s best friend. They come in various designs, each better than the other. Here are some of the top trending designer crop tops that can make heads turn.

1. Mock neck crop tops

Mock crop tops are extraordinarily stylish and go well with a skirt or a pair of jeans. They give an illusion of a closed neck but comes with a cut. These tops give all the attention to the wearer’s neck and therefore, one need not wear anything in the neck.

2. Mesh crew crop tops

Mesh crop tops are super comfortable and are therefore used during exercises. It can soak a lot of sweat and is made of regular breathable mesh material. These qualities in addition to being light and cool make crop tops a hit among the dancers.

3. High neck short tops

High neck short tops are simple yet stylish. As the name suggests, high neck short tops have a higher neck than a normal crop top. One does not need to accessories it much and goes well even with a high ponytail.

4. Stylish wrap crop tops

Stylish wrap crop tops give an illusion of cloth wrapped around the body. It is an old style which has found its way in the world of crop tops. It goes well with shorts and canvas

5. Off shoulder crop tops

Off shoulder crop tops expose the shoulders. They have attached sleeves and look amazing if not paired with any necklaces. One can wear a stunning pair of earing to complete the look.

6. Frill off shoulder crop top

Frill off shoulder crop tops are similar to off shoulder crop tops, but has frill on its border around the shoulder. This is an ideal party wear and is at its best if paired with a skirt.

7. Knit crop tops

Knit crop tops are knitted throughout or just at the shoulder or the sleeves. Since it is made from a breathable and light material, it is a preferred choice during a hot climate. One needs to be a bit careful with these crop tops to avoid malfunctioning.

8. Lace crop tops

One of the most elegant crop tops, lace crop top is made of lace throughout. This is a perfect wear for summers and looks very graceful if one wears it with a velvet skirt. One can even wear it over a regular waist jean. No other crop top can match the class of lace crop tops.

9. Tank crop tops

Tank tops are just like tank tops but with sorter on length. A perfect wear during the summers, tank crop tanks is made of stretchable cotton material. It gives a relaxed look if worn with harem pants. One can pair tank crop tops with a jacket as well.

10. Cotton crop tops for girls

Light and breezy is the exact definition of cotton crop tops. These made of cotton and can be worn daily with high rise jeans.

These are the top ten crop top designs. Several clothing portals offer trendy crop tops for girls at affordable prices. The lightness of these tops cannot be ignored. Keep in mind that it is not difficult to carry this look as long as one is comfortable.

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