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Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year

Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Often at times, an anniversary is more than just roses and cards. Every year, with the completion of 365 days, this special day honors the victory of love over all the fights, hurdles, and everything worse that has made the bond stronger. However, every year through the celebration becomes grandeur, the anniversary gifts by year has meanings attached to it and thus, gifting the couple the perfect anniversary gift can be the ultimate thing you will do.

So, if you are wondering which couple dictionary to consult for anniversary gifts for parents or couples, the following list can prove to be helpful and solve all your queries.

1st Year

Easiest to crumble, the first year is celebrated with paper gifts such as greeting card. The first year marks the fragility of the relationship where the couple is still getting familiar with one another.

2nd Year

The second year is celebrated with cotton-inspired gifts. Gifts such as apparels, caps, dresses, and everything that is made with cotton. Traditionally, this marks the comfyness that the couple has begun to feel in the company of each other.

5th Year

The first five years of a marriage is celebrated with a wooden gift. A plant, a wooden table, a wooden dressing table, or a wooden armchair, everything that is made out of wood is acceptable as a symbol of a nurturing relationship that is sure to grow longer and stronger.

10th Year

Growing stronger as ever, the tenth year of a marriage is already a milestone which is needed to be celebrated with a stronger metal gift. Tin and aluminum gifts are the best ones to honor a decade of a marriage. One can easily opt for a tin number car plate, a utensil, or any metal-rich gift.

15th Year

The fifteenth anniversary is marked with a crystal gift. It can be a crystal crockery, an artistic piece for home or a piece of jewelry and thus, signifying the promise of exclusivity and the transparency.

20th Year:

When you have settled well with each other’s habits, it is celebrated with the gift of China. Victorian designs, artistic patterns, the china wares can be presented to each other or to the parents on their twentieth anniversary.

25th YEAR

Silver jubilee of a marriage anniversary is as the name says is celebrated with silver-inspired gifts. It can either be a silver jewelry such as an anklet, a bracelet, a pendant, a nose ring, a keychain for her or a silver religious pendant for the men.

30th YEAR

Pure as an ocean, the thirtieth anniversary is celebrated with pearl gifts. Taken mostly as anniversary gifts for parents, this anniversary is celebrated with pearl gifts which come mostly in precious jewelry.

50th YEAR

Half of a century in love is one grand celebration that needs one of a kind gift and thus, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of your grandparents or parents, there can be no better token than a gold. A jewelry, a utensil, a gold coin, surprise your loved one as per your budget.

60th YEAR

This precious marriage anniversary year is rare and thus, is celebrated with diamond gifts.

Now that you know all the marriage gifts by year, wait no more and shop gifts accordingly.

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