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Want to Try a New Workout Style?

New Workout Style

Try out these 8 aerobics exercises

Are you tired of going to the gym and doing the same workout over and over again? Why no spice up your workout with aerobics exercise?

It is fun. It will keep going. Plus you can reduce weight in no time.

We have added together some of the safest aerobics for beginners. Find out what they are. They are simple to master and affects your overall body. Read on.

Walking One of the easiest and most natural forms of exercise is walking. It requires nothing and anyone can do it. C’mon! After all, it is that simple.
From young to old, everyone can benefit from this low impact aerobic exercise. Walking pumps in more oxygen to the body cells and reduces stress which impacts the overall health.

You can try walking up and down the hill, walking to the supermarket or to your workplace (if possible). You can even use dumbbells to increase the heart rate.

2. Taking the stairs

Speaking of another low impact aerobic exercise is walking the stairs. You must have heard of the advantages of taking the stairs a million times before. But did you know, it is much better and effective than walking on the treadmill?

Take flights for a few minutes every day and it should be enough. A lot of athletes use this trick as a warm-up to prepare for high-intensity workouts.

3. Cycling

An eco-friendly way to reach a nearby location, “cycling” can benefit young and adults alike. Did you know a majority of aerobics instructors favor cycling? They know that the effects are just awesome.

It is a very good way to remain fit without going through much trouble and of course, without damaging your joints.

Take out the time to go cycling for at least 30 minutes a day. It will keep your leg muscles strong, add flexibility to your personality and leave you energized for the day.

Want to mix things up? Ride up a hill.

A word of advice though. Start slow and increase your distance and duration as days go by.

4. Water Aerobics

The classic water aerobics is perfect for people who do not have proper blood circulation in their legs. This low impact pool workout that can do wonders for your body and give you toned muscles.

A lot of aerobics classes also introduces water walking in the pool. There are also treadmills in the pool that makes waking all the more fun and interesting.

Want to know the science behind it? Well, it’s simple. When you walk in the pool, the water resists your pace and stresses your lower limbs (which is what does the trick).

5. Hip Abduction

Hip abduction is an extremely helpful aerobics exercise for pregnant ladies. It helps expecting moms to ease their tensed hip muscles. Here’s how it is done:

Step 1: Perform squats while keeping your upper body upright. Do not bend at the front.

Step 2: Lift and squeeze your belly and while doing it, transfer your weight entirely on one leg. The other leg should be pointing out.

Step 3: Bent the foot.If you want to go for strength training, use lighter weights at first and increase your capacity as your threshold increases. Hold the weights up the shoulders. They should appear as placed on top of your biceps curl. Go back to your starting position and repeat.

6. Skipping

Skipping has a lot of aerobics health benefits. From targeting the shoulders to quads, glutes and calves, it impacts them all. Skipping is relatively easy. Still, here’s how you can perform it. Hold the rope handles with both hands and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Stand up straight with both the feet shoulder-width apart.

Step 2: Swing the rope over your head by using your wrists.

Step 3: Hop over the rope when it comes towards your feet. Repeat.

7. Squat Jumps

This one is practiced at almost all aerobics classes. This exercise mainly focuses on the quads, glutes and hip flexors. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Stand up straight with both the feet shoulder-width apart.

Step 2: Do a squat. After completing the downward motion, jump up in the air.

Step 3: Land back on the initial squat position. Count it as one finished rep.
Perform four sets of 10-15 reps. It is okay to take a break of 30 to 60 seconds between each set. Also, try to keep your pace steady throughout the exercise.

8. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks can help you fight health problems like cardiovascular-based diseases, diabetes and obesity. It targets the calves, glutes, deltoids and lats. Trainers use it as warm up exercise too. Let’s find out how to perform it:

Step 1: Stand in an upright position. Place the feet together and hands by the side.

Step 2: Jump your feet out to the side while raising your arms above the head at the same time.

Step 3: Get back to the starting position. Repeat

Immediately jump back to starting position. And repeat.

Try all the above exercises at the best aerobics center near you. Learn from the experts.

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