What Are the Reasons to Construct Kerb and Channel?

kerb and channel

Road drainage is a big issue in metropolitan cities and to deal with this issue Kerb and channel is designed to allocate proper space for road drainage. These can be seen at the edge of a road to protect the vehicles from crossing the edge of the road. They are made of concrete material by road contractors. Some people also call them gutters. Constructing them outside your home can prevent your home from direct entry of stormwater in your home.

In Australia, city council handles the work to construct channels and kerbs so that no water can enter under the road surface. It is the responsibility of the city council to remove potholes and defects in the road surface so that people can walk easily on the road. Installing channels & kerbs can solve the problems like stormwater drainage, siltation in waterways. You need to note that you should also contribute towards it as the council is legally allowed to charge you up to 50% of the cost of construction.

Reasons to Construct Kerb And Channel:

1. Road drainage:

We often see that our roads are blocked by stormwater and dust & debris. Council makes an innovative system to deal with these kinds of problems. Nowadays kerb and channel are installed by the council to deal with stormwater and drainage problems so that water can go to the proper drainage system. You are not allowed to work on kerb and channel at your own because this is quite a dangerous task. So, you should hire a company which has a business of constructing kerbs and channels and after getting a consultation with the city council. Sometime you may also leave a pipe outside your home to remove the wastewater but it is your responsibility to see that it gets properly drains up and connect into Channels and kerbs.

2. Road erosion: 

As a citizen of the country, it is your duty to protect your road from erosion and you can do so by constructing Kerb and channel to prevent the inner side of the road surface from stormwater or drainage.

3. Flooding problem: 

Flooding problems are normal and can be seen anywhere due to the bursting of pipes or rainwater. When a natural flood occurs, municipality finds it difficult to deal it with all so it’s your duty to have kerb and channel outside our home so that water gets carried away with the flow and don’t stick on the road surface.

How to Install Kerb and Channel?

You should keep the following tips in mind before installing kerbs.

  • You should use concrete made kerbs with bedding material which should be at least 50mm thick and you should not give gaps between kerbs. Keep in mind that only the 10mm gap is allowed between kerbs.
  • You should use well compact trenches so that kerbs can be installed perfectly on it.
  • You need to make sure that before joining kerbs you have filled joints and make sure that they get properly moistened.
  • Never forget to fill the spaces after all kerbs are properly fitted.

After reading this article you must have understood that channels and kerbs are very useful to stop road drainage. If you are owning property in Australia you need to make sure that the council has constructed channels and kerbs outside your home so that you don’t face any kind of flooding problem inside your house. You can contact contractors who are in this business and get quotes. You should not use DIY tips to construct these kerbs by your own otherwise you will end up wasting money.

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