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What will be the Advantages of 5G In Data, Voice and Video calls.


Here is we go to discuss the best part of the upcoming mobile technology 5G. 5th generation mobile communication system. Though in india, 4G running partially, and not many areas are updated to the 4G though, we can expect the 5G will be in india in next coming years. Though so many countries in Europe and america continents, we are here analyzing what are the benefit of 5G in compare with 3G and 4G in terms of Video calls, Voice calls, Data access etc.

Whats is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation of mobile communication that will be have the more than that we have enjoyed in the traditional former generation of mobile communication. We have enjoyed VoLTE, WiMax in 4G network, UTMS in 3rd generation and GSM in second generation. The one of the drawback of having the 3G was the inability to use the Browsing and and calling simultaneously, while 4G  with thye VoLTE/LTEtechnology that was resolved and so many other features we have enjoyed in video calls, voice calls, its quality, data accessing speed etc.

5g voice calls, video calls and data

We already enjoying the special features of 4G now in india since there are so many leading companies are providing the services like Vodafone, Idea, airtel, Jio providing all forms of 4G services with traditional system and via apps (Know more on video and voice call services using app jio4gvoice), giving the crystal clear, no call drop, simultaneous using of data and calls, etc. We can expect much more in 5G technology in future and all the users are now eagerly waiting for whats will be the added advantages of 5G over 4G.

What 5G Focusing On?

5G focusing on the following features.

  • High data rate.
  • Reduced cost
  • reduction of latency.
  • Mass device usability. – It may be reduce the Jam issue in high device area under one tower
  • Higher system capacity.
  • Energy Saving

You can refer more about 5G in wikipedia

The overall performance will be good when compared to the 4G network, not only improvement in just categories or kind of things in 5G technology. The technology unleash the more internet of things (IoT) with over all betterment. Why this much improvements needed? The answer is simple, to make better improvements in mobile communication since there is the upward graph in the usage of mobile devices and mobile data all over the world. So need to improve the services that will give much more user experience for the users. Now according to the records, there are millions of connected devices, so imagine how importance it have.

5G Features More specific

  1. Up to 100Gbps data rate – Enjoy unlimited speed.
  2. almost 90% of reduction of energy for network usage.
  3. 1000x bandwidth per unit area.
  4. 100% of coverage.
  5. Very minute 1 milli second latency.
  6. 100% availability
  7. Able to power up the low power networks like Local area network to Wide area network.

Expecting the 5G in commercial platform in the developing countries in just within 3-5 years and the time frame may be change. Enhanced mobile broadband in 5G enables the smart user experience to enjoy high speed mobile data, also provides better experience in both video and voice call services. Read more on 5G Technology market and is the best source.

How Voice Calls Treat In 5G

Obviously Voice calls improvement is the critical in 5G too. Though there may not be much improvement since the voice call services are already improved over 4G network by the implementation of Voice over long term evolution (VoLTE) technology that extends from 3rd generation. From the development wing, the 5G Voice will deliver the voice calls by using the current infrastructure IMS that are now in commercially used in smartphones over LTE and VoLTE.

There may not be any of the change in voice calls in 5G rather than Voice calls using phone number. The possibilities of phone numbers can be always have huge value than any other internet video and voice streaming services. Why, Because by using the phone number, the person can be reached anytime using the traditional system. No need any data connection to reach him/her or talk. There may not be any big impact in the voice calls in 5G since almost level achieved in 4G  with high clear voice calls, and simultaneous usage of voice calls and data different from 2G network. So voice call services are improved at its peak till 4th generation. May be any small improvements may be possible. The possibility of voice calls by the phone numbers still have important in the 5G era too is to connect all time, since the voice and video calls over only possible when the end user have the access to internet.

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