When Should GRE Preparation Start?


About GRE :

International students, who are thinking about study abroad, are well aware of the entrance exams required to study in the universities abroad. The most common exams are entrance tests like GMAT and GRE. They are usually graduate level exams, taken to study at universities in countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

GRE is Graduate Record Examination, and it is widely accepted all around the world by the Universities as an admission requirement for postgraduate programs. There are minimum requirements of scores for different courses and universities, and students must fulfill those requirements for the admission.

Therefore, these exams prove to be a key to your admission to an abroad university. In this article, we discuss the timeline to prepare for GRE, and when should the GRE exam taken.

To answer the above questions, below are the things you need to understand before.

  1. The scores are required when you are going to apply for a University.
  2. If you do not score enough GRE scores that are required, you might need to retake the examination. That will take time, and there are some conditions on retaking the GRE. Be aware of all the possible scenarios before the application process start.

There should be a 21 days gap between two GRE attempts. The limitation to retake the examination is 5 times in a rolling period of 12 months. That means, from your first attempt, you can give the exam 5 times for the next 12 months. The results will also take time. Usually, it takes 10-15 days after the test.

When you start the application process to a study abroad university, you need to register for GRE. As the GRE will be the admission requirement, you need to be ready with the GRE Scores when you apply.

When you register for GRE, you can choose universities that you want to send your scores too. This way, when your results are available, the GRE scores will be sent to your chosen institutes directly. This way, it is important to choose the universities before you book for the test.

When to Appear for GRE?

The admission process for the intakes in University abroad starts a year before the semester starts. With all the things that we have mentioned, the ideal time to take the GRE exam would be 14 months before the semester starts. For example, if the semester at your university starts in September 2019, the booking of GRE should be done in July 2018.

When to start GRE Preparation?

The preparation time for any exam vary from individual to individual. The ideal time to begin GRE Preparation is between 2 months minimum and 4 months. These are not definite time limits for the preparation. Depending on the student, it might take more or less.

The most significant step is the online practice tests. When you start taking the practice tests, you get to know your strengths and weakness. It gives you an idea where you need to work more and what subject you should be giving the more time to.

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