Why is Mission Impossible Such a Great Series


Critical adoration and a massive success on box office, Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible meets the sixth installment! And people across the globe are going crazy about this incredible 22-year-long phenomenon. Apparently, there is no sign of tiring anywhere. People are absolutely in love with this great series. Let’s find out why this series managed such a long journey.

The Mission: Impossible Franchise

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the frequent preposterousness of this series! Of all the action-packed stunts, such as rubber masks, exploding gum sticks, and others, the nuclear ticking clock that always stops just a second before half of the world destructs has to be our favorite. There is the factor of implausibility in every franchise. But, that’s there in every action movie. Whether its humans or machines. Take the instance of sentient cars in Transformers or Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious. Among all these different action thrillers, Mission: Impossible has managed to get the best reviews. With every new release, the rankings and reviews got better and better. The latest part Mission: Impossible –Fallout, released on July, 12th 2018, received the best critical approval!

The Success of Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt

Tom Cruise is one of the most handsome and successful heroes of Hollywood. Mission: Impossible is the greatest series of his entire career. Mission: Impossible – Fallout earned him the best approval from critics. And that was the biggest achievement for his entire career. The reviews came out better than all those three movies, which got him nominated in Oscars. Fallout’s opening turned out to be the second-highest grossing on the box office! Second to only the War of the Worlds (2005). If MoviePass had no glitches, it was highly probable that Fallout would have taken the first spot!

Kudos to Tom Cruise and his good luck! Mission: Impossible was once just an outlier on his movie list. Before he decided to be Ethan Hunt, he refused to even shoot a gun. He was also against the concept of sequels. He turned down the sequel of Top Gun shrugging, “There wasn’t any room for a sequel”. Thanks to the 5 sequels of Mission: Impossible which made him what he is today!

Cruise says that he was looking for an action movie but he didn’t want to mimic Seagal, Stallone, or Schwarzenegger. He believed meathead macho stuff was not him. The Cruise was the one to pitch the idea of making Mission: Impossible to Paramount back in 1992. According to him, it used to be his favorite show in childhood because the protagonists used their brains and not the bullets. So, when he suggested this idea, some people looked at him cross-eyed. They must thank him for the incredible idea now!

Mission: Impossible Movies

Although it is highly improbable that you haven’t heard or watched any of these movies. But let’s enlighten you. The total number of Mission: Impossible movies is six!

  1. Mission: Impossible (1996)
  2. Mission: Impossible II (2000)
  3. Mission: Impossible III (2006)
  4. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)
  5. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)
  6. Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

The Action and Stunts

The stunts have to be the greatest attraction in the entire Mission: Impossible series. The perfect pace of action and the unbelievable narrow escapes are the staples of this incredible series. All the parts are funny, modern, ambitious, stylish and incredibly cinematic. All the movies have something different to offer. The fast-paced action and the stunts are the great selling points of these movies. Viewers get thrilled when they see Tom Cruise clinging outside a plane in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Or, when he does the skyscraper jump in Mission: Impossible III, and swing across the city on a mere wire just like a Tarzan.

And also manages to shoot down the adversaries. Or, when the infamous electromagnetic glove doesn’t work in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. And we just love how he manages to escape every situation successfully. Doesn’t the sober, inspiring, brave, conscious, and brainy character of Hunt makes you want to know how to become a CIA agent! Or, IMF’s! The respect and honor that he has and the kind of experiences he goes through would make any adventure-lover want so!

The Seventh Installment of Mission: Impossible

Ethan Hunt is a perfect combo of being a sensational badass and someone who brings a dose of sense and humanity with his awe-inspiring feats. This blend makes the series such a huge success that viewers don’t get enough of it. After Mission: Impossible – Fallout, viewers are crazily anticipating the next part. However, for the seventh part, Tom Cruise is going to be older than Voight. We hope he doesn’t quit the series. As long as the Mission: Impossible keeps bringing beaming reviews and big money, Cruise wouldn’t mind limping to the medicine rack for some more bandages!

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