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Why Tungsten Wedding Bands are an Easy and Effective Choice?

Tungsten rings

Jewelry these days comes in different sizes, shapes, and materials, thus offering us several choices. But still, it can get difficult to choose the ideal ring which is a merger of both characteristics: wear ability and fashion. Though gold, platinum and titanium wedding bands for men are great choices which offer these characteristics, Tungsten rings are other attractive and popular option you can opt for.

If you have never thought of buying Tungsten wedding band, then you are missing on a breakthrough in the wedding ring industry. Tungsten wedding bands are better in nearly every way than compared to a traditional gold wedding ring. Several couples these days across the globe have started choosing Tungsten as their wedding bands over gold or titanium wedding bands for men owing to the many benefits it offers.Below listed are the reasons why you should opt for putting Tungsten wedding bands:


To start with, the most important benefit which comes attached with Tungsten is that it is more affordable than compared to getting rings of other metals. The value of gold or other metals is much higher than compared to Tungsten. This is why there is a staggering difference in the price range among Tungsten rings and rings made of other precious metals.

Moreover, Tungsten is more common than gold, which is another major reason why the price of Tungsten is lower too. A brushed black tungsten ring could cost you just a few hundred dollars while a gold ring, on the other hand, will cost you thousands of dollars. Besides, lower price of Tungsten does not mean it’s of inferior quality. Tungsten is not a cheap metal at all.


The second reason why Tungsten wedding rings are better than compared to other precious metals is that Tungsten is an extremely hard metal. White or yellow gold is regarded as softest metals. That means gold is not scratch resistant, a fact you may have already figured out in any of your other gold jewelry. In contrast, Tungsten is the hardest known metal in the world.

This means that there is no need for you to worry about your Tungsten ring getting scratched easily. On the other hand, one more benefit which comes attached with the strong characteristic of Tungsten is that unlike gold, it will never reshape or warp. Gold can lose its shape or bent owing to its softness. A Tungsten ring will never lose out its shape like a gold ring.

Great appearance:

Lastly, Tungsten wedding rings offer a great and unique look. Tungsten is a dark-colored metal and the rings which are made using it are available in various shades, starting from gray to brushed black tungsten ring. This, in turn, offers you more of options than the usual yellow, white gold. If you wish to have a completely distinct look or don’t like bright colors that much then you should indeed opt for Tungsten wedding bands.

To conclude, Tungsten wedding bands are referred to as a great alternative over other metals as it is more durable, affordable and also offers a distinct look compared to the traditional rings. If you never thought of buying a Tungsten ring then do look at this option today! By buying a Tungsten wedding ring, you can stay rest assured about both wear ability and attractiveness over the years.

What factors should you consider when purchasing wedding rings?

A major factor you need to consider is the size. As Tungsten wedding bands are strong and tough, these cannot be reshaped or resized. Hence, when you buy the ring, make sure you get the one which fits well. Next, ensure that you do not have any sort of allergy to metals. If you have, then avoid the wedding bands which are made of cobalt or nickel. Instead, opt for Tungsten wedding bands as these are hypoallergenic.

Make sure you know your budget when buying the ring. When you have a tight budget, then the ideal choice would be to opt for Tungsten wedding ring over gold, titanium or platinum right. It does not matter what style or design of Tungsten wedding bands you like, your bond will last lifelong in Tungsten as it’s known for its wear ability, scratch resistance, durability which lasts eternally.

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