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Your Personality and Home Improvement

Personality and Home Improvement

The dream of every human rests with a home where he or she can spend the time of his/her life with comfort and peace. The house is the ultimate need of everyone as per Maslow Hierarchy of needs; Shelter is the basic one. It takes years of hard work to build a place where you can live the life of your choice. But did it matter what sort of house you should own? What kind of person or personality you possess? Should your house be accordingly with your personality?

A house is simply the walls of concrete that makes an enclosing space to save the people from harsh weather living inside them but what it makes home depends on the personalities of the people living inside it. It can be easily said that the personalities of any person can also be analyzed by the home they are living in and it is proved with numerous researches. It depicts the traits of their personality such as the home with has so many openings can be termed as the owner is an extrovert and social person. Being an introvert is not a problem, but you should be welcoming enough to please the emotions of the person that you love and the ones who are close to your heart. To achieve the convenience of attachment between the souls of the caring one, you have to redesign the living space in a way to make the visitors feel the ovation.

People who want to transform their personality traits from introvert to a more sociable person should do some home improvement as to create an environment around them that helps them to transform their psyche. Starting from the roof it should be designed in a way that allows the natural lights to come in the house because it is the far most reason to change your mood from the closing to welcoming. The best is to install the retractable glass roof system at least in one of your room where you spend most of your time. It allows you for fresh air most of the time and can warm up your emotions and soul with the natural light coming in. The best is the feature of indoor comfort and outdoor freedom which will be your best to adjust your mood accordingly. Apart from this; Panoramic doors & windows will be best suited to architect who wants to create an atmosphere with fresh air and elevated views. It connects the indoor with outdoor without fixed material barriers.

The pictures must be hanged on the walls that depict some motivation, creating ideas to think and must be deep to start conversations that lead to emotional attachments. The kitchen should show the welcoming nature and it can be best if it is attached to the living room. The colors must be chosen accordingly with the traits you carry in your soul. Research the colors and their effects on mood so that they better match with your idiosyncrasy. Colors of the walls should be bright to personate the emotions with well-being and optimistic. Throughout the new signs from inside to outside can be researched as to what should be where, where to hang or put the gifts you have received. The approach of maintaining the high standards of visual impressions portraying the concepts of life that happen to be smiling, helping and knowing the souls.

The writing and advice mentioned above can be considered as ideal and more inclined towards romanticize the feelings but make it a par and then follow what you are you interested and thinks best for you. Home improvement is an ongoing process that should be evaluated and materialize with time to enhance the beautification of house and living standards.

Throughout the history of human beings, the home improvement industry is always growing with the architects, thinkers and building industry who tends to improve the arrangements and the accessories that can enhance the capability and quality of life under or with the house. They are always considering the persona or traits that human being portray through his behavior or need. Numbers of the researches have been carried out to discover what will be suitable for what kind of personality or the accessories that can shape the personality by setting them up in the home environment.

Luxury is the way to enhance the comfortability on the next level. To take a step forward from the needs and design your home to perfectly announce the personality and the standard of living. Let’s control the brain, analyze your interest, consult the internet for ideas and do it!

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