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Moving to a whole new different city that too across the globe from your country can be quite a challenge. Especially when you are shifting to study abroad in that particular country. Taken you are new and all alone plus you feel like trapped in some kind of cell. In these times of crisis, a feeling of anxiety overwhelms you and you often feel isolated and starts doubting your choices.

But, you should always stay confident and try to see the brighter picture no matter the situation. Now, if you are going to study in the US then there are certain things you can do to make the most of your time. We here have drawn a few points for you to make a better and hence keep you stable in your decision.


One of the most common challenges that you will face when you opt for foreign education is the Cultural shock. Even if you are visiting a country, you are most likely to face it. Cultural shock is basically when you are encountered with a new culture totally different from your native culture.

When you visit a country you face cultural shock. But, US is kind of an exception to it since it consists of diverse cultures. So you don’t feel foreign when you visit the US. hence, you can easily blend into American culture.

Explore the US before you arrive:

One thing that you can do though to avoid any inconvenience or cultural shock is that explore the US beforehand on Social Media websites. What you can do is visit pages, websites, Instagram and Facebook posts and pages, watch American channels and news etc. that way you will be prepared that what you should expect from the US and how to cope up easily in its environment.

Travel and explore:

Try to travel and explore the US as much as you can. It will help you on a broader spectrum. Like travelling and exploring will help to know other people and their cultures which will ultimately help you stay updated and blend in nicely. Regardless, travelling and exploring is the key to make most of your time anywhere in the world.


The first thing to do when you reach a certain destination is to know the transportations available, their routes and expenditures. Always carry a map along with you unless you have google map or apple map or if have learned all the places and know your directions. The best way to learn about transportation is again google or the website of your chosen university/school. Almost all top universities in the US provide you information related to this stuff.


Communication is the key to life. Even if you are an introvert, learn to make one or two new friends or just try to communicate with the people. For extroverts, it becomes quite uneasy as well to do this but to survive in a foreign land and that too US, you have got to suppress your uneasiness and communicate with people.


Learn a few safety tips for your convenience from the internet. Always carry safety tools along with you. By safety tools, we do not mean pistols etc but things like spray and learn to shout and call for HELP.

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