7 Tips for a Smooth International Budget Travel


So, you’re planning to go great this year? Are you planning to check off some of the most exotic international destinations off your bucket list? This is a good place to make your budget travel go smooth!

One of the first prerequisites to international budget travel is understanding that there will be unaccounted for hiccups along the way. There’s a range of things that can go wrong, from unexpected weather conditions to accidents and robberies.

Here are 7 tips to plan a smooth, hiccup-free international trip (as much as possible).

1. Book in Advance

It’s no secret; the sooner you book, the higher the chances for you to bag deep discounts. Whether you’re planning to hire a travel agency or do it all on your own, book as much in advance as possible. You’ll not only be able to get early bird discounts; you’ll also be able to plan the rest of your schedule around your commitment.

Booking in advance involves transportation (air travel in particular), accommodation, activities, and other expenses you’ll likely make on the trip. Try getting your reservations made at least six months before on popular tourist attractions to secure your spot at low prices.

2. Travel Insurance is a MUST

You never know when anything can go wrong. So, it’s always a good idea to get travel insurance that covers you against mishaps. From unscheduled flight delays to misplaced baggage and accidents; find an insurance company that offers adequate coverage.

3. Coupons For Budget Travel

Every year, companies big and small float exclusive promo coupons that enables the holder to benefit from special discounts. These need not only be in print. For instance, DiscountCodez offers discounts all year through. Find voucher codes to take advantage of cheaper accommodation on your trips. Who said international trips must essentially burn a hole in your pocket?!

4. Plan Activities

All popular tourist destinations offer certain activities that are charged separately. Often, these will get booked readily and hence need to be reserved well in advance. This would typically include ziplines, cruises, paragliding, scuba, bungee jumping, tours, camping sites, treks, kayaks, and other similar adventures. If there’s an exceptionally popular activity at your destination, inquire about it and reserve it as soon as you confirm your holidays. It’d be a shame to go all the way and still not taste its core essence.

5. Backup Every Document Online

When you’re traveling, particularly when you’re going on a budget travel abroad, there are quite a few documents you need to carry. From identification documents to passports, visa, insurance, and more; there’s a lot to carry. Make sure you backup EVERY document online, just in case the hard copies go amiss. You don’t want to be stuck in a foreign place without any way to prove your purpose there. No matter how safe the cities are considered, robbery is always a possibility.

6. Pack Light

Whether you’re traveling for a week or a few weeks, this advice comes from the top most travelers across the globe. Travel light. Don’t stuff unnecessary items in your luggage. Unless you’re traveling to a desert, you’ll be able to find most usable items at your destination with ease. Reduce your load so you’re not lugging several pieces of luggage.

7. Anticipate

As mentioned previously, things can go wrong. Anticipate the worst and prepare for it beforehand. Ideally, nothing of the sort will happen to you. But if it does, make sure you’re adequately prepared for it. You definitely don’t want to end up on National Geographic’s collection of traveling misfortunes!

A little planning can go a long way in making sure you come back with memories you’ll keep for life. All the best!

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